The Facing Spoon Position

Updated: DECEMBER 23, 2021

The facing spoon sex position is a sex position in which couples lie on their sides and face each other. The receiver spreads their legs slightly to be entered. Once the giver has penetrated their partner, the receiver can then put their legs back together, putting their clitoris in a position to be stimulated by the shaft of the penis or strap-on.

This position may also be called the sidewinder.

diagram of the facing spoon sex position - the couple lies on their sides and faces each other.

More About The Facing Spoon Position

Having sex in this position can be very intimate. It's much easier for a couple to kiss, hug and caress. However, thrusting can be somewhat tricky in this position, so couples may need to get a little creative. For instance, instead of traditional thrusting, couples can try grinding together or moving their pelvises in circular motions to enhance the pleasure.



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