Booster Seat Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2022

The Booster Seat sex position is a rear-entry sex position that is usually performed with the giving partner standing and the receiving partner squatting as if sitting in a chair. This position is considered to be an advanced version of more traditional real-entry positions. The Booster Seat sex position allows partners to be versatile as it can be easily adapted for vaginal penetration or anal sex.

Booster Seat sex position. The penetrating partner is standing next to a low table or ottoman. The giving partner then stands on top of the object with bent knees and leaning into the standing partner. The knees are bent enough to achieve penetration.

More About Booster Seat Position

The key to good sex while in the Booster Seat position is creating the right momentum and maintaining it. The penetrating partner should lift their partner to guide them up and down.

When done correctly, the booster seat sex position is great for deep penetration, which can help the penis stimulate the G-spot or prostate.

The Booster Seat position can provide an intense aerobic workout, which can be especially demanding on the giver. To reduce the risk of injury, the giving partner should engage the core abdominal muscles and keep the knees slightly bent.



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