Checking Under the Hood Position

Published: MARCH 15, 2023

Checking Under the Hood uses the magic of an elevated, supported surface to virtually eliminate neck strain for the giving partner. While the Checking Under the Hood position can be used to give oral sex to a partner of any gender, it is typically used to provide pleasure to a vulva.

The giving partner is laying out flat, on their back, on an elevated surface like a bed. The giving partner's head is hanging off the edge of the bed. The receiving partner has their thighs spread and is straddling the giver's face.

To get into this position, the giving partner lays down, faceup, on a long, supported with their head tilted back off the edge. The receiving partner then straddles the giving partner's head, bending their knees to crouch as needed to place the vulva into the correct position to receive oral sex.

If a similar position is used to give oral sex to a penis-owning receiver, it may be called the Deepthroat position.

More About Checking Under the Hood Position

The magic of the Checking Under the Hood position is in the reduced neck strain for the giving partner. You can select specific furniture at the perfect height for the receiving partner's height and have the giving partner hold their neck in a neutral position to reduce neck strain and allowing both partners to enjoy oral sex for longer.

The Checking Under the Hood position can also be a go-to for giving partners who have partial or full-body paralysis or other movement disabilities. As the position supports the giver's entire body -- aside from the head -- this is an ideal position for oral sex pleasure. The giving partner’s position might be ideal for people with Cerebral Palsy. This might be difficult for the receiver if they have issues standing or chronic pain, etc. Be sure to have a conversation with each other about this prior and check in both during and after play.

This oral sex position can also be a great fit for partners who are new to one another, especially if the giving partner may not know the receiving partner's specific preferences. The Checking Under the Hood position gives the receiving partner a lot of control to easily make micro-adjustments to get the giving partner's tongue into the right place. It also allows the giving partner to adjust the specific pressure or sensation by grinding or moving their hips as needed to get the pleasure they require.

As the giving partner's neck is in a precarious position, we recommend staying cognizant of your positions. Especially as the receiver approaches orgasm, their leg muscles may begin to give out or they may be rougher than intended. Discuss a safe word or action for the giving partner to ensure that there is clear communication. Certain movements from the receiver may make it difficult to breathe and you'll want to ensure the you fix that ASAP! If you are someone who has disabilities that make you prone to gagging or choking, have a conversation with each other about safety and comfort.

You can get flexible with the furniture you use for the Checking Under the Hood sex position. While a bed is standard, any long, flat surface can work fantastically for the Checking Under the Hood sex position. This includes beds, sturdy tables, massage tables, desks, ottomans, couches or sex furniture, like the Liberator Equus Wave or Bondi.

We recommend selecting your furniture based on the height of the receiver. You want to choose a surface that is going to place the giving partner at the necessary height to give oral sex while still leaving the neck in a relatively relaxed position. This may involve the semi-hilarious activity of trying various surfaces in your home to see which ones can support weight, offer the correct height for fun and provide relative comfort for both partners.

While no power imbalance needs to be explored with the Checking Under the Hood position, this position lends itself well to domination and submission roleplay. As the giving partner is essentially stationary, and the receiving partner is "riding" their face, a lot of the control is in the receiving partner's hands (well, technically their hips). This can lead to a vulnerable, submissive feeling for the giving partner, especially if the receiving partner adds dirty talk, impact toys or takes control of the pace using their own hips.

The Checking Under the Hood position is also great for additional sex toys since both partners can operate hands-free. With the wide space available between the two bodies, large toys, like wand massagers or the Arcwave Ion, can be used to pleasure the giving partner. If you both would rather focus on the pleasure at hand, you may also consider hands-free sex toy options to add a bit of sensation. Try the electrosex toys, butt plugs, prostate massagers or wearable vibrators with this position.



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