Loads of Bliss Sex Position

Updated: SEPTEMBER 13, 2023

You've probably heard of the pleasurable "vibrations" a washing machine can provide, but have you considered using it as a piece of sex furniture? In the Loads of Bliss position, you'll get that chance!

Loads of Bliss sex position. The receiving partner is sitting on top of one side of a washing machine. The penetrating partner is standing next to the laundry machine. The receiving partner then wraps their legs around the penetrating partner's hips and wraps their arms around the penetrating partner's arms. This allows the receiving partner to lean backwards or forwards as desired to control angles. To get into this sex position, the receiving partner hops to sit on top of the washing machine. The penetrating partner stands next to the washing machine. The receiving partner then scoots to the edge of the machine, wrapping their legs and arms around the penetrating partner for extra stability to lean back as desired. Be sure to set your machine up to run before you get started!

More About Loads of Bliss Sex Position

Not only does your washing machine clean your clothing, but it also makes a whole lot of movement - perfect to treat as a large, rumbly vibrator! This can have some people viewing their washing machine in an entirely new (and sexy) way.

Couples also may spend a lot of time doing laundry, and just like interrupting someone while cooking a meal, the washing machine can simply become a prop for impromptu, unexpected passion.

In the Loads of Bliss position, the receiver's butt will be resting on top of the washing machine. If it's running, the thrumming sensations can reverberate throughout the receiver's hips for pleasurable sensations that stimulate all of those extra-sensitive nerve endings. Since the receiver isn't, necessarily, placing any orgasmic spots directly on top of the washing machine, though, this may not be enough stimulation for orgasm without adding other activities.

To add extra stimulation, the receiving partner can adjust their angle through the use of their legs and arms. Leaning further back can place their partner's penis in a different spot than if they maintain a close, skin-on-skin position with their standing partner.

They may also want to experiment with hip movements to drive new sensations from the position. A forward flick of the hips will feel different than if the receiver uses leverage of their legs to pull upwards. Trying different options can help you figure out what feels best for the two of you - and what maintains the pleasure of the washing machine at the same time.

As both partners' hands may be busy trying to support their connection, you may want to try hands-free sex toys to add additional stimulation. A vibrator (like the We-Vibe Chorus, Hot Octopuss Jett, or Rocks-Off Cocktail) can add additional vibrations without requiring a hand.

Throughout all of this, both partners should be careful. Getting caught up in the moment may lead to accidentally getting off balance, which can pull one (or both of you!) to the floor. To reduce this, ensure the receiving partner is firmly on top of the washing machine or that the penetrating partner is holding up the majority of their weights in a stable stance.

Is it dangerous to have sex on a washing machine?

While this position can be fun, be aware that sitting on a washing machine is a potentially risky activity. Especially if your washing machine is a cheaper or space-saving model, it may not be built to support weight on top of it.

In addition to body weight, the heat of the moment can place a lot of momentum - and part of the penetrating partner's weight - on top of the washing machine as well. The washing machine sides could collapse or the lid of the washing machine may dent in or break. You've probably heard that "they don't make 'em like they used to", and that definitely can apply to your washing machine.

Especially if the washing machine is running, sitting on one edge of the machine (like you'll be doing for the Loads of Fun position) can also throw off the balance of the washing machine. This can lead to the wash basket spinning unevenly, potentially damaging parts on the inside of your washing machine.

To reduce (or eliminate) these potential risks while still maintaining the Loads of Fun position, the penetrating partner should support as much of the receiving partner's weight as possible for a position that looks closer to the Crotch Lift position. Fully picking up another person is difficult for many people, however, but any weight reduction on the washing machine will reduce your risk potential.

Alternatively, you can explore other sex positions with your washing machine that place the receiving partner standing next to the washing machine to support most of their body weight with their legs. This may look more like the Open Pike position.

To completely eliminate your risk, you could use a sit-on vibrator (like the Orion VibePad 2, Wild Flower Enby 2, or Rocks-Off Ruby Glow) on top of a sturdy kitchen countertop to simulate the Loads of Bliss position.



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