The Camel Style Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2022

The Camel Style position is a face-to-face, rear-entry sexual position for vaginal or anal sex. In this position, the penetrating partner straddles the receiving partner’s outstretched leg and enters them while they lie on their side.

The Camel Style sex position offers new angles without too much strain. Get the details on how to do it here!

To get into the Camel Style position, the receiving partner lies down on their side on a bed or another flat surface. They stretch the leg closest to the bed out and raise their other leg, bending it at the knee to give their partner access between their thighs. They should also put their top arm down in front or behind themselves to hold the position.

The penetrating partner then straddles their partner’s outstretched leg. Once the penetrating partner is in a comfortable kneeling position, the receiving partner can wrap their raised leg around their partner’s waist or simply place it over the top of their leg, whatever is most comfortable. In this sex position, the penetrating partner can enter the receiving partner and initiate intercourse.

The penetrating partner has virtually all the control in the Camel Style position. They set the rhythm of penetration and can also adjust the angle to suit their tastes.

The Camel Style position has many other names including the pretzel, the pretzel dip, and the camel ride.

Having sex in this position is also called Camel Style sex.

More About The Camel Style Position

The Camel Style position is very popular with couples who love the deep penetration of doggy style and the intimacy of face-to-face sex positions. The Camel Style position is also much easier on the receiving partner’s back than many rear-entry positions.

To vary the position, the penetrating partner could manually stimulate a vulva-owning partner’s clitoris or a penis owner's penis while entering them. They could also withdraw their penis or strap-on dildo and use it to tease the clitoris before re-entering their partner.

The penetrating partner is also in a good position to caress their partner’s leg and chest. This extra touch can increase the intimacy of the Camel Style position.

While the receiving partner can do little to change the angle or intensity of Camel Style sex, they can take control of their own pleasure. They might touch their chest or clitoris during Camel Style vaginal sex. During Camel Style anal sex, the receiving partner could finger themselves or touch their penis. Sex toys work great for the receiver here too. They could also hold onto their partner’s arm and pull them closer to encourage deeper thrusting. Penetration will also be a little deeper if the receiving partner hugs their top leg closer to their chest.

Camel style is perfect for deep penetration, but that’s not the only intercourse you can have in this position. Sex will be gentler and more sensual if the penetrating partner slowly grinds on their partner, rather than thrusting deep in and out.

Having sex in the Camel Style position is low impact for the receiving partner. That makes it a great option for receiving partners who’ve already exerted themselves in more active roles but still aren’t quite satisfied.

It is a little more taxing for the penetrating partner but not especially difficult. They will need a reasonable level of physical fitness and stamina for this position. They may find it easier if they rest their hands on the bed or their partner’s waist or leg for support.



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