The Hot Seat Position

Updated: JUNE 26, 2021

The hot seat is a rear-entry position. To get into this position, the penetrating partner is seated on the edge of the bed with feet on the ground. The receiving partner faces away and backs up to sit in the lap of the penetrating partner.

Hot Seat Sex Position. Heterosexual couple. Penetrating partner is sitting with his partner on his lap, both facing the same direction. They are sitting on a bed.

More About The Hot Seat Position

This position allows for the benefits of rear entry while allowing the receiving partner to be in control of the depth, angle, and rate of penetration. The hands of both partners are left free in this position to stimulate other areas. The bottom partner can reach around and stimulate the clitoris manually or the nipples. The top partner can reach down and stimulate the base of the penis, scrotum, or perineum. For a variation, try the Swiss ball blitz position.



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