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Should I Buy That Sex Toy? Consult This Handy Flow Chart

Published: JULY 30, 2013 | Updated: JUNE 8, 2022
This flow chart will help you choose a high-quality, satisfying sex toy, every time.

Have you ever walked into a sex toy shop - or even just browsed online - and been totally overwhelmed by the selection? Choice is a good thing, but sometimes it can make life a little complicated. That's why we just love this flow chart from K over at Rolling in the Hay, which provides some great tips on how to select a high-quality toy.


First, let's talk materials. For more insight about phthalates and other sex toy materials that might be cause for concern, check out How to Avoid a Toxic Relationship ... With Your Dildo.

Next, one of the best ways to find a great toy is to find a great toy shop with a knowledgeable staff.

Finally, you need to know about the type of toy you're looking for and what kinds of features it has. Read all about it in Top Tips for Buying Your First Vibrator and The Long and Short of Buying Your First Dildo.


Infographic: Should I Buy That Sex Toy? Flowchart



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