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Frisky Friday: Vampire Gloves

Published: MARCH 15, 2024 | Updated: APRIL 12, 2024
Dangerously erotic: sensation-inducing texture built into the glove.

Does the idea of roleplaying a svelte vampire, complete with erotically tantalizing talons, turn you on? Welcome to Vampire Gloves - the easy-use gloves that can make it possible!


What Are Vampire Gloves?

Vampire Gloves are surprisingly simple. They're gloves worn on the hands that have some sort of sensation-inducing texture built into the glove itself. In the case of our Vampire Gloves, each finger has built-in spiky tacks that face outwards towards the palm of the glove.

This means that anything the glove-wearer touches will feel those spiky tacks while the glove wearer doesn't feel anything out of the ordinary. (Those spiky tacks only go one way!)

This offers delicious sensation play. Each one of these tacks can feel like a perfectly-manicured fingernail running along their skin.


They also offer that "look" of danger without being overtly dangerous! While Vampire Gloves can draw blood if using for heavy smacks and rough play, light play with the gloves will result in the occasional scratch, at most. (just like fingernails!)

This allows you to explore the look and feel of this dangerous, yet erotic toy without many of the risks that can come with sharp objects like knives.

(Our sex dictionary has even more info about Vampire Gloves if you're the thorough type!)


Are Vampire Gloves for Beginners?

That's the best part about Vampire Gloves. They're, quite literally, just a pair of gloves.

You simply slip on the Vampire Glove, and bam: instant sensation!

This can be one of the easiest, beginner-friendly ways to play. You don't need to learn how to swing a flogger or handle a paddle. Just like the FemmeFunn Dioni becomes a vibrating extension of your finger once you slip it on, the Vampire Gloves simply react the same way you've been using your hand!


Whether you're brand new to sensation play or a kinky expert, this means you can slide on the Vampire Gloves and be playing within seconds.

What To Do with Vampire Gloves?

Not sure what to do with your hand's new superpowers? Let us give you a few ideas:

  • Drag the Vampire Gloves gently across their skin like you're dragging your fingernails across their skin. It's like 96 fingernails across their skin!
  • Squeeze - and then release - various parts of their body. Think about firmly grabbing their wrist then releasing. To keep them guessing, then pick another part of their body to grab (the ass is a good one!)
  • Give them a gentle slap on the butt! While we recommend playing lightly with impact, a gentle slap on the butt or thighs can feel really fantastic. Just make sure to play lightly unless you've negotiated for drawing blood!
  • Rough Tickling: You know exactly how ticklish someone can feel when you draw your fingernails across their tickly spots. That works just as well with the tacks of the Vampire Gloves! Just make sure to be careful; someone's thrashing leg may accidentally come down pretty heavily on the Vampire Gloves, drawing blood.

Customers Love the Vampire Gloves

Don't just take our word for it; our Vampire Gloves are one of our top-selling sensation play toys - and customers love to come back to sing its praises!

  • "The vampire gloves have been super exciting! Used appropriately, they transition from sensual to ticklish to daring and back. Even massaging the head through the hair is fun. Highly recommended. Enjoy!" - A.
  • "These have been my favorite vampire gloves - and I've literally had them for years and tried out other brands, too. I just keep coming back to these. They're durably made, the leather look makes them look pretty sexy, and the "spikes" stay in the gloves really well; none have fallen out." - M.K.
  • "These have wowed my partner since we got them. I think it's really hot to slip them onto my hands and have the black leather gloves look, but these come with an added "spike" to them too. All of the fingers are covered in spikes which are wow! These spikes sorta feel like small nails when you poke them. I love running them over his back. If I use a bit of pressure, it doesn't leave any marks, but if I apply a bit of pressure, it leaves scratches all over. " - m.
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