The Asian Cowgirl Position (ACG)

Updated: MAY 24, 2021

The Asian Cowgirl position is a woman-on-top sex position. In this variation of the standard Cowgirl position, the woman stands on the balls on her feet rather than kneeling.

This position can be tweaked for rear-entry. This variation is called the reverse Asian Cowgirl.

The Asian Cowgirl is sometimes known as the Bunny Hop. It is also sometimes shortened to the acronym ACG.


More About The Asian Cowgirl Position (ACG)

The man lies flat on his back to prepare for the Asian Cowgirl position. His female partner then straddles him. She balances herself on the balls of her feet for penetration. Intercourse is typically achieved by the woman squatting up and down.

Many people prefer the Asian Cowgirl to the standard Cowgirl. They say it makes it easier to increase the thrusting speed and results in more intense orgasms. Women can also easily change the angle of entry by leaning backward or forwards to increase their pleasure.

Some women find it easiest to transition from the regular Cowgirl to the Asian Cowgirl by leaning forward, rocking back onto their toes, and raising their bodies into squatting positions.

The Asian Cowgirl can get tiring for a woman. So, her male partner should support her with his hands. He might put his hands under her legs or backside to bounce her or balance her with a hand on either side of her waist. He might even allow the woman to remain still while he does all the thrusting. She can also place her hands on her partner’s chest or on either side of the bed to take some of the weight off her feet. The Asian Cowgirl works best if the female partner is flexible and strong.

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