Good Doggie Position

Updated: APRIL 24, 2024

The Good Doggie Position is a rear-entry position for vaginal and anal sex or can be used to enjoy non-penetrative play.

Good Doggie sex position. The penetrating partner is in a wheelchair. The receiving partner is kneeling over the penetrating partner's lap for sex while leaning overtop of a table for stability. The receiving partner is holding an O-shaped vibrator. | Kinkly Shop

To get into this sex position, the receiver sits in the lap of the giver. They can use a toy for more pleasure or hand it off to their partner to use on them. The giver can reach around from their seated position and use a vibrator, like the Satisfyer Endless Love, to stimulate their partner's genitals in all the right ways.

More About Good Doggie Position

The Good Doggie Position is a great way to explore different sensations and what feels good to you and your partner. The person sitting on top can grind against their partner's genitals while using the toy or reach between their legs and massage their partner.

Adding a versatile sex toy means there are tons of possibilities for fun. It doesn't have to be specific for either penises or vulvas. There are even nipple clamps for the nipples if you enjoy some stimulation there!

The Good Doggie doesn't require much mobility, particularly for the giving partner, as the partner on top is primarily responsible for the action in this position. Wheelchair users and people who have difficulty balancing or standing for long periods may find this position more enjoyable than others.

As always, discuss your likes and dislikes with your partner as well as what your body can comfortably do.


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