The 68 Position

Updated: SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

The 68 sex position is a variation of the 69 position in which only one partner receives oral sex.

68 position illustration. The giving partner is laying down on their back with their knees bent, feet flat on the ground. The receiving partner lays face-up on top of the giver with their head cradled between the giver's knees and their crotch right in the giver's face. | Kinkly

To get into this sex position, the giving partner lies on their back, with their knees bent and their feet flat on the floor. The receiving partner then lays on their back on top of the giving partner. The receiving partner’s head sits between their partner’s thighs for support. Their genitals are near their partner’s mouth. Both partners are facing upwards. Once in the 68 sex position, the giving partner can perform oral sex on the receiving partner.

The 68 sex position gets its name because it is so close to the popular 69 position. There is just one less person receiving oral sex; 68 is one number less than 69. People enjoy the 68 position because they can fully focus on their roles. The giving partner can focus entirely on their partner’s pleasure and responses. Some say they can pleasure their partner better when they are not distracted by the sensations in their own bodies. The receiving partner can focus entirely on the way that their partner makes them feel. This focus can help them feel their sensual pleasure more deeply.

The 68 sex position may also be called the "Munch Position" if the receiving partner has a vulva.

More About The 68 Position

In the 68 sex position, the receiving partner can enhance their own pleasure in several ways. As they are on top, they are free to move closer or further from their partner at any time. By setting their own rhythm and guiding their partner, they can influence the pressure, depth, and pace of their oral pleasure. Their hands are also free to caress their own bodies and masturbate. They could even use a clit vibrator or another kind of sex toy on themselves for extra stimulation.

The giving partner can also stroke their partner’s thighs, belly, and chest for an extra pleasure hit. As both partners lie down in the 68 sex position, it’s also ideal for marathon oral sex sessions.

The 68 position perfectly places the giving partner’s head for sucking and licking their partner’s genitals. However, it can also be easily modified for analingus. The receiving partner only needs to slightly lift their body to give their partner access to the perineum, anus, and the testicles.

The 68 sex position is relatively safe and easy to master. However, couples could still hurt one another if they don’t take care. The receiving partner could crush their partner if they put their full weight on them. To avoid this, the receiving partner should try to support as much of their body weight as they can by resting on their elbows and forearms.

Performing fellatio in the 68 sex position is more challenging than performing cunnilingus. It can be done, but the giving partner should take care that they don’t awkwardly bend their partner’s penis.

The giving partner could also strain their neck as they lift their head up to lick and suck their partner. Propping a pillow or piece of sex furniture behind the neck for support can reduce strain. This aid allows the giving partner to maintain this position without pain for longer.


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