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9 Sex Moves to Rock a Woman's World

Published: AUGUST 14, 2014 | Updated: JULY 14, 2020 05:49:56
Women are wired differently from men, which means that it often takes a little more than bump and grind to bring them to the big O.

The saying "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" doesn't just apply to personality, it applies to sex. Women are wired differently from men, which means that it often takes a little more than bump and grind to bring them to the big O.

"I love sex," says Karen, age 26, "but some men just don’t get it. They need to take their time with us and treat our bodies like a five course meal, not a fast food burger. They need to help us savor the experience."


OK. But how to do that? Like this. That's how.

Don’t Forget the Foreplay

Sex is great, but not without a little foreplay action. Women need more time to become aroused than men. The best way to do this is a little counterintuitive. Forget about the vagina, the clitoris, and everything around it and focus on other erogenous zones, such as the nipples, earlobes, neck and spine. Get this right and you can leave a woman literally panting for more. That's when she's ready for action in the V-zone.

Assume a New Position

Trying a new position can really help spice things up for both partners and turn ho-hum sex into an unforgettably hot encounter. Don't worry: You don't have to tie yourself in knots. There are many sex positions that are as accessible as plain-old missionary - and way more exciting!


A woman’s G-spot is the money maker when it comes to a guaranteed orgasm. In G-whiz, the woman lays on her back with her legs on her partner's shoulders. This narrows the vagina and helps target the G-spot. Tackle this gently; the G-spot likes to be petted and nudged - not pounded - into sweet submission.

diagram of G-whiz sex position


Some women need deeper penetration in order to get off. Leapfrog is a modified version of doggy-style that does just that. It also provides a great view from the male perspective.

diagram of leapfrog sex position

Reverse Cowgirl


Yeehaw! This sexy move is a favorite for both guys and gals. Reverse cowgirl allows the woman to take some control and lead the way through a slow, seductive ride, or a hard race the finish. Hold on tight!

diagram of reverse cowgirl sex position


This position takes a little strength and flexibility, but it should be no problem for women who've done a little yoga. The man can up the ante here by lifting his partner toward him, providing greater clitoral stimulation (and the ability to flex his muscles!)

diagram of bridge sex position

Butter Churner

The butter churner position gets its name from old-style butter churners, and should use a similar motion. For the woman, the inverted posture provides an orgasm-boosting head rush. It also provides a sexy eyeful for her partner!

diagram of butter churner ex position


Yoga Style

Yoga-style position is as sensual as it stimulating. Lock eye contact to put some extra "oh" in the big O.

diagram of yogi sex position

Slow Climber

You'll never view missionary as plain-old vanilla sex after trying the slow climb. The woman should use pillows to prop herself up. To perfect the posture, the man should align his pubic bone with his partner's clitoris.

diagram of slow climber sex position


Sometimes, simply having sex on a different piece of furniture is all you need. And what's sexier than doing it on the kitchen table? (Just make sure it's sturdy one!)

diagram of tabletop sex positon

The Spoon

A little emotional attachment can go a long way when it comes to helping a woman achieve orgasm, which is why this cozy pose can really do the trick. Rather than thrust in and out, the man should move gently to stimulate the front wall of his partner's vagina. Cuddling and G-spot stimulation. For a woman, it doesn't get much better than this.

diagram of spoon sex positon

For more sexy positions and tips, check out "The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions."

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