The Butter Churner Position

Updated: APRIL 24, 2024

The Butter Churner position is an advanced vaginal or anal sex position. While it's unclear where it originally came from, it gained attention in 2020 when "Love Island" contestant Callum Jones declared it his favorite sex position.

For the butter churner position the receiving partner lies on their back with their legs raised above and behind their head. The penetrating partner then squats and penetrates the receiving partner from above.

To get into this position, the receiving partner should first warm up with some stretches because it requires a fair amount of spinal flexibility. Practicing yoga can also improve flexibility and make this position easier. In fact, the Plow Pose in yoga is very similar to the receiving partner’s position in the Butter Churner, so mastering it can be good training.

Once warmed up, the receiving partner lies on their back with their legs raised above and behind their head. The penetrating partner then squats and penetrates the receiving partner from above.

The thrusting motion in this position looks like making butter in an old-fashioned butter churn, which is how this position got its name.

This sex position puts the penetrating partner in total control; they can adjust the intensity and depth to their own taste. At the same time, receiving partners who love feeling dominated will enjoy letting go.

The Butter Churner position also stimulates dopamine production in the brain. This feel-good chemical increases feelings of pleasure and connection during sex. This connection is further increased by the position, which encourages partners to look at one another during sex.

As it is not the easiest position to get into and maintain, it may also be a great fantasy image to keep in mind, rather than a regular "go-to" position. Similar sensations for the giver can be achieved with a high quality masturbation sleeve.

The Butter Churner may also be known as the squat thruster because the penetrating partner’s movements resemble squat thrusts during a workout.

More About The Butter Churner Position

The Butter Churner is a versatile sex position as it allows the penetrating partner to vary penetration. They can vary the angle and depth of their thrust. They can also remove themselves fully with every thrust to give their partner the sensation of entry and re-entry over and over again. With a small body adjustment, this sex position could be either a vaginal or an anal sex position. The penetrating partner can penetrate their partner with a penis or sex toy in this position.

Adding food play into the Butter Churner position can enhance sensations for the receiving partner. The penetrating partner can pour chocolate sauce, maple syrup, or other sweet treats into their partner’s mouth while performing the Butter Churner. By involving more senses, this tasty variation can increase this position’s intensity. Use caution when trying this variation with a partner who has a vagina, as sugary foods can cause infection and irritation if they come in contact with the vaginal canal.

Because the receiving partner’s head sits lower than their heart in this position, blood often rushes to their head. This can lead to a more intense orgasm. However, it can also make the receiving partner feel a little dizzy. The penetrating partner should be conscious of this and monitor their partner closely during sex. The receiving partner should also take extra care standing up after Butter Churner position sex. Have water nearby for both partners to rehydrate after this position.

The penetrating partner also needs to be a little cautious in performing the Butter Churner. As the position involves vigorous thrusting, it could cause neck and upper body cramps or injuries to the receiving partner. Gentle, light thrusting reduces pressure on the neck and upper body.


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