The Tabletop Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024

The Tabletop position is a face-to-face vaginal or anal sex position that uses a table as a prop. It gets its name because the receiving partner sits on the top of the table, or tabletop, for sex. This sexual position is one of the better ones for pleasuring the receiving partner especially with the addition of a clitoral vibrator or penis vibrator.

Tabletop Sex Position: The receiving partner should sit on a tabletop. Their butt should be close to the edge of the table with their legs slightly apart to allow penetration. Their penetrating partner stands facing them.

To get into the Tabletop position, the receiving partner should sit on a sturdy, waist-high tabletop. Their butt should be as close to the edge of the table as is comfortable, and their legs should be slightly apart to allow penetration. Their penetrating partner then stands in front of them, so they are both face to face. From this position, the penetrating partner can enter the receiving partner.

Many penetrating partners enjoy holding onto the receiving partner’s hips as they thrust or grind into them. This position gives penetrating partners even more control in the Tabletop position than they already do. The receiving partner can either embrace their partner, lean back with their hands flat on the table or lay all the way down on the table. All of these variations on the Tabletop position will create different sensations by varying the angle of penetration during sex.

The Tabletop sex position is also known as the Torrid Tabletop position or the Love Temple position.

More About The Tabletop Position

The Tabletop position is perfect for kitchen sex. It also offers the excitement of a standing position without being as strenuous as many of these positions can be. It's much less work for both partners because the table supports the receiving partner's weight and some penetrating partner's.

Moving sex out of the bedroom and changing the scenery can make sex more exciting and less monotonous. If you have neighbors close by, leave the kitchen curtains open to enjoy the thrill of exhibitionism.

A receiving partner can rest their feet or legs on their penetrating partner's shoulders. This slight variation can deepen the penetration the receiving partner experiences in the Tabletop position. If you'd like to experiment with double penetration and either partner is able to free up their hands, you could incorporate a dildo or penetrative vibrator into this position.

The Tabletop position is also easily adapted for oral sex. With the receiving partner in the same position, the giving partner can bend down to perform fellatio or cunnilingus. Since the table elevates the receiving partner, this sex position is excellent for preventing neck strain.

There is the potential for injury if couples do not choose the right table. If the table is not strong enough to hold the receiving partner’s weight, they could snap the table and come crashing to the ground. Ensure the table you choose is designed to hold up to body weight -- including body weight with rough, horizontal movement applied! If you're short on supportive tables, sex furniture like a Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise can give you a supportive surface to enjoy yourself.

A hard table can also be a little uncomfortable for a lengthy sex session. You can make your table more inviting by throwing a blanket over the top. A specialized sex blanket is a great idea. These products are waterproof, so they make cleaning up lubricant and ejaculate a little easier. The slick surface of most blankets may make for a slippery surface, so make sure you start small with movements to test the addition of your blanket.



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