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How to Use Touch to Arouse More Than the Body

by Kinkly
Published: FEBRUARY 6, 2018 | Updated: JANUARY 14, 2022
Touch is often overlooked during a sexual encounter. Here's how a male escort uses touch to arouse more than the body.

The secret to being a good lover is caring about your partner’s orgasm just as much as your own. It's also about good communication and learning how to please. We are tactile beings by nature, and a fundamental part of the way we communicate is through touch - or the lack thereof. A simple caress at the right time, in the right place, can send waves of unrivaled pleasure shooting through the entire body. The power of touch can evoke uncontrollable orgasmic reactions that render the receiver momentarily stunned into submission.


Touch Is Often Overlooked

And yet, touch is so often overlooked. A guy doesn’t need a special technique or a 9-inch dick to please a woman. All he needs to do is learn how to explore her mind and body with the gift of touch. It can be the contrast of warm breath circulating on her cool skin that causes goose bumps to rise. It could be the aching sensation of suspense as she waits for warm hands to caress and relieve the unbearable sexual tension.

Similar to many things born out of suspense, what you don't touch is just as important as what you do touch.

Touch the Right Way

As an escort, I’m fortunate enough to witness first-hand the amazing transformation a woman can undergo simply from being touched in the right way. There’s nothing sexier than watching a women’s body twist and contort as she becomes increasingly aroused as I draw ever closer to her erogenous zones. Taking the time to enjoy this moment with her is not foreplay. It’s sex. And it’s a beautiful thing to behold.


If you care more about her orgasm than your own, you’ll cherish moments like this. Penetration becomes more of a bonus, an utterly delightful bonus, of course, but it’s not necessarily the main event.

The Goal of Intimate Touch

We haven’t even begun to talk about kissing, scratching, biting and licking. Moving ever closer, the mind goes into overdrive, but not too close that she will climax. The goal is to keep her in a constant state of imminent orgasm, bordering on the realm of sanity as she peppers the air in frustration with colorful expletives. She may even be brought to tears as she begs for the release, even if part of her still wants to hold on.

Slowing Down to Increase the Sensations

Then, suddenly, we slow down. I'm fixated on her facial expression as her faculties return. Her wild gaze comes into focus and we’re wrapped in a warm embrace, our bodies transferring intense sexual energy like fully charged electrons. Then, I touch the side of her neck with fingers moist and warm from stroking her outer labia. This is the perfect time for a sensual Yoni massage to help channel that energy and bring her right back to where I want her.


A soft, slow, and devilishly tempting massage of her vagina teases her back and forth as she breathes deeply. I use a variation of a feather-light touch, to a firm stroke, as I instruct her to follow my touch with her breathing pattern. There comes a point when a certain area is aroused and she involuntarily breaks the pattern with a sharp intake of air. It’s her uncontrollable reactions that betray her as I tune in like a thief with my ear to the safe. The only difference is that she longs to give me the key to unlock her desires - if I’m prepared to listen.

Focusing on Pleasure Creates a Healthy Environment for You and Your Partner

This brings me to my last point; with the focus on pleasing, we can create a healthy environment that encourages learning and exploration. The ultimate goal is not necessarily orgasm. It may be a number of things that can be extremely satisfying. Being paid to provide sexual pleasure can lead to hubris if the mind is not in the right place, but once ego is removed, the experience can be humbling, not to mention mind-blowing. I think I would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to relish every moment of it - and so I do.


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