What's the difference between a wood, leather or silicone spanking paddle?


You are smart to ask this question. Paddles might seem like a no-brainer to some people, but not so. Size, shape and material can all have an impact (pun intended) on how your implements play.

Shape and Size Matters

Larger paddles may look fierce but they are almost always easier on the bum than a smaller paddle. The force of impact is spread out over a larger area. A smaller paddle, on the other hand, will have a much more focused area of impact. All the power of your swing lands in a tiny area.

I find a longer paddle delivers more of a stinging thwack sensation, whereas a round paddle provides more of a thud. You might want a paddle sex toy that is small enough to paddle an inner thigh or one cheek, or a paddle that's large enough to paddle both cheeks at once.

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Material Matters

I’ll start you off with a soft sensation, like a paddle that is fuzzy, furry or padded on at least one side. These paddles can be sensual. You can rub a bottom sweetly with them. Soft paddles are a perfect tool to warm a bottom up or bring it back down to earth after rougher play. These kinds of paddles can also be rubbed on any part of the body for a soft tease.

Next, leather. Leather can amp up the sensation. How soft or hard the wallop will be with a leather paddle depends upon how soft and pliable the paddle is. Sometimes, you will find a leather paddle is actually wood wrapped in leather, which would provide a harder wallop. Other paddles are almost floppy, like a belt. Floppy can be softer or stingier, depending upon the length and thickness of the leather.

A silicone paddle delivers a very unique sensation. It will be light in your hand. It will feel smooth and sensual to the touch, but these babies can really deliver a deep sting without a lot of effort. I highly recommend you start with a softer swing and graduate up to something harder if your partner wants more sensation. A silicone paddle is also perfect for someone with limited mobility. You can deliver a deep spanking with a small amount of effort.

The toughest toys in the paddle department are made of wood and plastic. They are very rigid so the sensation reverberates into the skin. They produce a deep stinging sensation that can stir up the mass amounts of adrenaline that some spankees crave.

Don’t let my list of soft to hard spanking implements scare you. Like any sexual play, a spanking can be sweet, soft and soothing, or it can be as mean as you and your partner want it to be.


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