What household items make good sex toys?


Spontaneity and creativity can be some of the very best driving forces of BDSM play. This is why household items are so easily adapted into kinky play. Many kinksters have the gift of being able to look around their environment and seek ways to pervert the things around them. This can be a beautiful quality in a person!

So where can you find sex toys among everyday items? Here are a few inspiring ideas.

Your Closet

Neck ties, thigh-high stockings, and scarves can be used as blindfolds, gags, and tethers. Read up though and learn to tie safely. There are lots of online tutorials that teach you how to create safe knots, what areas of the body should not be tied and other safety tips like keeping scissors nearby in case your bound lover panics.

  • You can deliver a spanking with a standard leather belt or create other sensations using leather gloves or soft mittens.
  • A hanger with clips, the kind designed to hang trousers, can be used as nipple clamps. Try the clamps on yourself first so you have a clear understanding of the sensation you are delivering. Keep in mind each person has a different response to these kinds of sensations.
  • I have also heard of people removing the curved handle of an appropriately shaped umbrella, screwing an eyelet into the hole in the handle and using it as a makeshift anal hook.

Your Bathroom

You may have things in there that vibrate, like an electric toothbrush or shaver. Try pressing it up against nipples, your clitoris, or his frenulum. If you run a rope around sensitive parts, you can even press the vibrating device against the rope to send sensation through it. You can also buy disposable vibrating toothbrushes.

  • You can use bathtub water faucets and removable shower heads as clitoral vibrators.
  • Try a putting a tiny dab of mouthwash or tooth paste on a nipple, clitoris or on the head of his penis. The menthol creates a tingling feeling that some people may enjoy.
  • A thick hair band can become a cock ring when used properly.
  • A shower curtain can become a drop cloth for oil wrestling and other messy fun.

Your Kitchen

Make an impact by delivering a spanking using a wooden spoon or silicone spatula. Again, there is an art to spanking. Go slow, build the sensation, and make it last. Spank meaty parts of the body, like the butt and thighs. Avoid joints, organs and bony regions. Let your partner’s word and body language guide you.

  • Clean and cover any phallic item with a condom and insert away. These items might include carrots, cucumbers, bananas, or even a Popsicle. I recommend you avoid inserting sugar based products of any kind in the vagina. Sugar can throw off pH balance and lead to yeast infections.
  • Phallic items can be inserted sideways into your partner’s mouth and work like a bit gag, but with a little humorous humiliation.
  • Ice cubes are especially intense when you run them up and down the body of a lover wearing a blindfold.
  • Some men report using slippery banana peels as masturbation sleeves.
  • Cling wrap can be used to deliver safe oral or anal pleasure. You might also make yourself a sexy tube top or mini-dress by wrapping yourself in cling wrap layers. When done with care, you can also use cling wrap as a means of binding your lover to a chair.

Your Office

  • Binder clips, tape, and rubber bands all have possibilities.
  • Write a dirty email on your computer.
  • Use your phone to send flirty text messages.
  • Download a vibrating app and just sit on your phone until 5 p.m.

Your Garage

  • A brand new, soft bristled paint brush can feel amazing when you slowly run it up and down your partner’s body.
  • Latex gloves dripping in lube can feel astoundingly sensual.
  • Try sitting on a washing machine while it agitates.
  • Wooden clothes pins can be used on nipples or other fleshy bits. The handles of various tools, when covered with a condom, may fit nicely in certain orifices of your choice. You may find rope or electrical cords which can be used for bondage.

The possibilities become endless when you start to think creatively. Every piece of furniture can become a position aid or a platform for bondage. Every item you use in your daily routine becomes a potential object for your perversions.

But let me say it again: proceed with care. I say this because the number one household item people stick in their butts is a Sharpie marker. That's probably because a Sharpie presents like an easy starter tool. It’s slimmer than your average finger. The tip is rounded. However, it is a totally inappropriate butt toy. It could easily get stuck in your butt and require that you go to the emergency room. Any item you use for anal play needs to anchor outside the body. So fingers, a penis or any toy with a flared base would be appropriate. Sharpies and vegetables present the possibility of getting lodged in the soft inner tissue of the rectum.

Whether you're playing alone or with a partner, be smart. Read up. Play safe. Dangers exist with improvised sex toys. When in doubt, buy real, high quality sex toys.


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