You drag one another through the doorway, kissing passionately as you go. Clothes drop, discarded, as you explore one another’s bodies. Hungry and breathless you fall into bed … or do you? It’s easy to fall into this familiar rhythm, but you’d miss the fun to be had in the rest of the house. Specialized sex furniture can be exciting (as we explained in this article), but many of us don’t have the budget - or the space - for these purpose-built pieces. Thankfully, your whole home is full of things that can serve sensual double-duty.

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In the Shower

Sex in the shower has a hot reputation, and for good reason. Washing one another slowly with a soft cloth is incredibly sensual. The steaming water can also feel amazing on your genitals, and add a twist to oral sex. But shower encounters aren’t without their hazards. The water will wash away a woman’s natural lubricant, so it’s smart to keep a silicone-based lube within reach. Shower sex is notoriously slippery too, so lay down a nonslip bath mat to avoid any nasty accidents. There are even shower handles designed just for having sex in the shower. Of course, an old-school grab-bar will work too.

On the Washing Machine

The washing machine’s good for much more than loads of laundry - strip down and enjoy a quickie while the machine takes care of your clothes! All that moving and shaking will add an extra dimension to your lovemaking. In the movies, women tend to sit on the machine, but don’t be afraid to try the reverse. The washer’s motions tend to be absorbed by the body, which can turn a penis into a living, breathing vibrator! The top of the machine can feel cold on bare bottoms though, so run a warm load to reduce the chill.

On the Stairs

Take your lovemaking to new heights on the stairs. The graduated elevation is perfect for doggy-style, while the banister adds some extra support to sex standing up. Women can also try sitting down on their partner while he sits on a step. Hold on to the banister for lifting leverage and stability. Just be careful of your stairs’ surface. While carpeted steps can lead to rug burn, humping on hard surfaces can be uncomfortable too!

On the Kitchen Bench

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, it makes sense that he’d love to get busy in the kitchen. The kitchen bench is the obvious bed substitute; one partner can sit down while the other stands in front. The hard corners can be uncomfortable though, so bench sex is best for quickies rather than intimate encounters. But this piece of furniture's potential goes beyond its surface. Just consider what’s around it. If you’ve seen "Fatal Attraction," you know the faucet’s an underrated foreplay tool. You’re also close to the fridge, so you’ve got aphrodisiacs and treats for food play at hand. Just make sure you keep the whipped cream and honey up top to avoid a nasty infection! (Get more ideas for kinky ways to use your furniture in The 12 Best Pieces of Furniture to Have Sex On.)

In Front of the Window

The window can offer a great introduction to exhibitionism. It’s not quite as daring as having sex outdoors, but there’s still that delicious danger of getting caught. If you’re still feeling timid, keep your clothes on and opt for a short skirt. With a rear-entry position, pedestrians will have no idea what you’re up to!

Against the Wall

There’s something so hot and urgent about sex up against a wall. It’s the kind of thing that young couples do when they can’t make it to the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean those in the flush of a new relationship should have all the fun. Pushing your partner against the wall will bring out your dominant side, while the sturdy structure will help you both keep your balance.

On a Beanbag

This old retro chair can add some extra spice to your lovemaking. Its pliable shape will support you in brand new ways, making those difficult positions much easier. We particularly love the extra support it gives during doggy style, and the extra intimacy it can add to the missionary position. However, not all beanbags are created equally. As they age, they tend to envelop unsuspecting users. Putting some thick books under the base can ensure you don’t sink down too far.

So, why should your bed see all the action? Discovering the sensual potential of the rest of your home can get you out of your comfort zone and lead to some mind-blowing sex!