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How can I eliminate jealousy in my cuckquean relationship?


Jealousy is a common, oftentimes, unpleasant emotion. Even the most sexually liberated people experience jealousy, as it is an inevitable part of the human experience. This may be a frustrating truth; however, as a cuckquean, you can learn to utilize jealousy for expansion and pleasure. But first…

Jealousy can be a sign of low self-esteem or mistrust in your partner. Before you learn to cultivate jealousy within your cuck dynamic, it may be beneficial to reflect on your own self-worth.

Having low self-esteem can have major implications on your overall well-being and relationships, including your ability to be vulnerable and trust others. Finding a professional to help you navigate this and rebuild self-esteem can be a wonderful first step in dealing with jealousy.

If your self-esteem is intact, I recommend looking at the quality of your relationship. What I mean by this is, pay attention to your partner’s behaviours and attitudes.

  • Do they exhibit toxic behaviours that provoke your jealousy, and/or minimize trust and respect?
  • Do they go out of their way to get a rise out of you, or put you in emotionally compromising situations?

Because the cuckquean dynamic creates a vulnerable space for the cuckquean, it is critical you have an understanding partner you can communicate your needs and concerns with - yes, including your feelings of jealousy.

If your self-esteem is intact and you have a healthy relationship, my next suggestion is to practice self-awareness. When you experience jealousy, explore the source. Retrace its steps. Usually when we experience jealousy it’s because we are afraid of something - usually replacement, displacement, or betrayal.

Jealousy is powerful because it is capable of fabricating false truths. For example, if you see your partner laughing with someone else, you could easily conclude that they have more fun with that person than you. This may spiral into something worse: that they like that person more than they like you. To reduce this jealousy try counteracting the mistruth with a known fact.

Here's what that might look like:

Source of jealousy: See partner laughing with someone else.

Story you tell yourself: My partner has more fun with that person than they do with me. They may even leave me for them (aka fear of replacement).

Countering fact: My partner and I laugh together often.

Reinforcement: We don’t just laugh together, we can be vulnerable with each other. My partner trusts me and I trust them.

Giving yourself a moment to drop in, reflect on the reality of your jealousy, and fact check your story, is an empowering practice. Not only does it incorporate gratitude - observing positive truths about your relationship - but it is expansive. You are killing off mistruths and exercising your self-awareness and taking control. This will only serve you and your partner because when you take care of yourself, you’re taking care of your relationship.

In the end, jealousy is inevitable; however, you can learn to recognize it and let it serve you. Jealousy can be a bonding tool, especially in a cuck dynamic. When you are grounded within yourself, and feel confident in your relationship, you can use jealousy to fuse you and your partner. How?

Because you no longer have to fear replacement, displacement or betrayal, you can sit in jealousy’s fiery bliss without burning alive.


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