Tuck Knee Position

Published: JANUARY 27, 2022

Deep penetration is the name of the game with the Tuck Knee sex position. Not only does this sex position provide deep penetration, but the elevated tilt of the receiver's hips can make it perfect for g-spot and p-spot stimulation. Plus, you both can share in the intimacy of extended eye contact - and watching your partner's face relax in pleasure!

Tuck Knee Sex Position. The receiver lays on their back with their thighs and legs pulled back to their chest. This causes their hips to rise off the ground. The penetrating partner then leans in and partially lays on top to penetrate.

To get into this position, the receiving partner lays on their back with their legs in the air. The penetrating partner gets in position by kneeling near the receiver's hips. Going slowly and carefully to not pull a muscle, the receiving partner can then pull their thighs back to their chest while simultaneously lifting their hips into the air. To help, the penetrating partner can use their arms to help push the receiver into position. Once there, the penetrating partner leans in on the receiver, resting their body weight on the back of the receiver's thighs, as they slide inside.

More About Tuck Knee Position

Intercourse is the most fun when everyone is having a great time (and can focus on pleasure instead of the strain in their bodies). That's why it may be necessary to add sex position aids (like sex furniture or a sex sling) to ensure everyone can focus on the pleasure with the Tuck Knee position.

Without any sex position aids, the Tuck Knee Position requires decent flexibility and core strength on the part of the recipient. They need to be able to bend their thighs back towards their chest - then keep them there. Adding to the strain will be the penetrating partner's body weight for a very deep stretch that may be uncomfortable for many.

On the other side of things, the penetrating partner will be relying on their core strength and sense of balance to stay upright and in the proper position. A weaker core or sense of balance will result in placing more weight on the recipient's bent legs - which can further exacerbate the flexibility issue mentioned above.

To easily modify the Tuck Knee sex position without external sex position aids, the receiving partner can rest their hips on the ground while the penetrating partner will keep all of their weight above their own knees. The resulting sex position may look something like the Mermaid position - while simultaneously taking the stretch away from the receiver and the balancing requirements away from the penetrator.

However, adding sex position aids can easily make the position more accessible - while simultaneously keeping the angles achieved more or less the same. Slipping a Liberator Wedge underneath the hips of the receiver will support the bottom of the hips to rely less on the penetrating partner's body weight to do the job. Using a Sportsheets Sling to connect the receiver's ankles to a support strap anchored behind the head will reduce the weight of the legs and allow both partners to better focus on the pleasure at hand.

Once achieved, the Tuck Knee position can feel absolutely fantastic! The curve of the receiver's body can lead to intercourse that perfectly hits the g-spot or p-spot - and the position simultaneously allows for copious amounts of eye contact. Especially for a receiving partner who stretches regularly, the position can feel like a pleasant stretch on the back of the thighs, and it can blend in seamlessly for those who enjoy "workout" roleplays due to its (actual) use as a partnered stretch in athletics.

Adding to the fun, the receiving partner's hands are left empty which allows for self-pleasure through masturbation or sex toys.



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