Soaking Wet Doggy Shower Sex Position

Updated: JUNE 25, 2021

The Soaking Wet Doggy shower sex position is a standing shower sex position.

Soaking Wet Doggy Shower Sex Position. The receiving partner stands on their tippy toes underneath the showerhead, leaning forward to hold onto the wall in front of them. The penetrating partner stands behind them to penetrate, wrapping their arms around their partner's waist to hold a sex toy in place. | Kinkly

To get into this sex position, the receptive partner stands and bends over in front of the penetrating partner for one sexy, dripping wet show. Then, the receptive partner may want to steady themselves with their hands on the walls of the shower or the shower head.

The Soaking Wet Doggy Shower sex position is also a great position to include sex toys into! For example, in the image above, the penetrating partner is holding a bullet vibrator, like the We-Vibe Tango X or FemmeFunn Dioni, to pleasure the receiver. Partners can also explore with a penis stroker, wand massager, penis vibrator, clitoral vibrator, or couple's vibrators. If you're bringing sex toys into the shower, it is important to ensure your sex toys are 100% waterproof.

More About Soaking Wet Doggy Shower Sex Position

Shower sex can be lots of fun - and it's definitely sensual. But, with any shower sex position, safety is key. Make sure your shower floor has good grip or add a shower or bath mat. It is also a good idea for the receiving partner to have something to hold on to, whether it be the shower's temperature control knobs or handles, or a suction cup handle on the wall.

Once partners' have their footing secured, they can use their free hands to explore more erogenous zones on their partner of themselves. For example, if both partners are penis-owners, the penetrating partner could use a sex toy or their free-hand to stimulate the receiving partner's penis. The penetrating partner can also lean forward to stimulate the receiving partner's nipples as well.



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