Jockey Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024

The Jockey sex position gets its name because it's like riding a horse.

Jockey Sex Position. The receiving partner is laying, face down, on top of an inflatable fitness ball. The penetrating partner is standing next to the fitness ball, squatting down, while straddling their partner's hips.

This position is simple. One partner lies down, the other climbs on top for a ride! It can be used for vaginal or anal sex and can be varied by having the partner on top lean forward, back or to one side, depending on what feels best.

The Jockey position is great for slow, sensual sex, or passionate, athletic thrusting - it's totally up to you! The partner on the bottom can also choose to be passive here, or to move their hips or even lift their legs to help the partner on top with thrusting.

More About Jockey Position

Like every other position, getting into—and then enjoying—the Jockey will depend on you or your partner’s flexibility, body-type, disability level, comfort-level, etc.

We’ve observed it can work wonderfully well for those on the receiving end who may have back issues or physical disabilities, as it frees them from needing to get up on all fours.

Some, however, have found it challenging to maneuver themselves for satisfactory penetration. When that occurs, we suggest employing pillows or sex furniture under the receiver's waist or hips. Practice, of course, will make things better—if not perfect.

Jockey remains such a popular sex position for its simplicity. For the receiver, all they need to do is stretch out on a comfortable surface, employing pillows or such to get themselves where they need to be. We understand that getting in this position may require some help if you have physical disabilities. Be prepared to talk about the help you may need before attempting the position rather than in the heat of the moment.

Next, the person on top should do their moves, taking caution to enjoy penetration but also in a way that won’t put undue strain on their own back.

The Jockey is not just a favorite for a large number of people due to its comfort for the person on the bottom, as the angle it provides makes it just about perfect for anal intercourse, or frottage—otherwise known as clothed sex—and non-penetrative play. We also love that it’s really accessible for disabled and non-disabled partners alike.

For those out there who like to mix sensual massage with their sexual encounters, the Jockey is wonderfully ideal as the person on top can provide that from shoulders to lower back while also mixing in rubbing their genitals onto—and if you both like it, into—their partner’s posterior.



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