Rhombus Sex Position

Published: DECEMBER 28, 2023

The Rhombus sex position is a variation on cowgirl sex that makes use of every inch of a Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo for better angles and fantastic support during partner-on-top sex.

Rhombus sex position. The penetrating partner is lying flat on the ground on top of two Liberator shapes. The Ramp is propping up their entire upper body on an angled surface, and the Wedge is propping their thighs up on an upward angle. The receiving partner is kneeling on top of their partner like a modified Cowgirl position.

To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner should sit down in front of the shortest end of the Liberator Ramp, facing away from the Ramp. Once seated, they should slide the Liberator Wedge underneath the knees of their extended legs. The penetrating partner can then lean back onto the Ramp's sloped surface. The receiving partner then straddles the penetrating partner's hips, sliding on top of them for intercourse.

Alternatively, the penetrating partner can lie flat on a supportive surface (like a bed!) while their partner helps slide the sex furniture shapes underneath their limbs. Since the bed will support the majority of their body weight during this process, it will be easier for their partner to support only the weight of the limb they're trying to move.

This sex position gets its name from the shape of the penetrating partner, which can resemble a geometric rhombus depending on the penetrating partner's height.

More About Rhombus Sex Position

The Rhombus is a mix of two of the most popular Liberator sex furniture positions.

One of these popular positions sees the penetrating partner leaning up against the elevated Ramp to better make out with, touch and explore intimacy with their receiving partner.

The other popular position slides a Liberator Wedge underneath the penetrating partner's legs to offer a supportive "shelf" for the receiver's hips and change the internal spot the penis hits during intercourse.

Putting those two positions together, you get the Rhombus sex position which offers supportive sex furniture on both sides of the penetrating partner!

The angle of the penetrating partner's body encourages the receiving partner to lean forward for a lot of skin-on-skin contact. This full-body contact can bring some of the intimate, face-to-face features of Missionary to an upright position that can better hit the g-spot or p-spot on the receiving partner.

The Rhombus also leaves the hands of the penetrating partner available for additional pleasure. They can grip their lover, trace their hands along their skin, or use their hands or sex toys to provide additional stimulation for the receiver. Since the Ramp pushes both partners closer together, this may be much easier to do in the Rhombus position than in traditional partner-on-top positions, and it may not be as much of a strain on the length of their arm.

Finding Pleasurable Angles with the Rhombus Position

To further experiment with the exact internal spot the penis will hit, the receiving partner can lean forwards or backwards. They can also adjust the tilt of their hips, arching their back or relaxing it to see how it changes the penetration angle.

The receiving partner may also want to experiment with their legs. Like many Cowgirl positions, the Rhombus position can be enjoyed while the receiver is on their knees or while the receiver is on the balls of their feet in a "squatting" position. Personal preference (and the comfort of the extreme bend of the knees!) usually determines which version will be best for the couple.

The Rhombus sex position can be a great fit for penetrating partners who may live with chronic illness, daily pain or paralysis. The Liberator Ramp and Wedge can help support the body in this position for a change of angles. Strap-on dildos or penis extenders can also be used to further customize this sex position to work best for exploring intimacy.

Can I do the rhombus sex position without sex furniture?

While some sex positions featuring Liberator sex furniture can be achieved with creative use of your household furniture, you'll likely find it difficult to make the Rhombus position happen without the Wedge and Ramp. There aren't very many triangular cushions around most people's homes that are designed to support body weight (and easily clean up from sex messes!).

To get a "feel" for the idea behind the Rhombus position, though, a penetrating partner could attempt to lean up against a headboard while stuffing blankets and pillows underneath their knees before Cowgirl sex. With the Ramp's spacious, laid-back platform compared to an upright headboard, though, this may feel a bit cramped.

Most couples will find that the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo makes this position a lot easier. It provides additional intimacy through the penetrating partner's elevated position alongside a change of penetration angles with the lift of the penetrating partner's knees.

Ensuring couples can find the best size fit for them, the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo is offered in two widths: Regular and Wide. The Regular size offers both the Wedge and Ramp in a 24" width while the Wide adds an extra 6" for a 30" platform width.



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