Leg Up Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024

A more controlled take on the lying-on-back-with-legs-in-air sex positions, the Leg Break Position opens up brand-new possibilities for penetrative sex. With less depth of penetration but more thrusting intensity, both partners are sure to be sweaty—and satisfied.

The receptive partner is laying on their back with one leg extended vertically and the other wrapped around the insertive partner's thigh. The receptive partner's lowermost arm is flat along the ground, providing stability. The insertive partner balances on their knees with their penis or strap-on inside the receptive partner and their hands gripping the receptive partner's legs for stability.

To settle into the Leg Break, the receptive partner (Partner A) lays on their back, extends one leg into the air (some skill and co-ordination required, and please check with Partner A regarding pain threshold and tolerances prior to this!) and wraps their other leg around the insertive partner's thigh. The insertive partner (Partner B), balancing on their knees, enters Partner A with their hands gripping their playmate's legs for stability.

Once proper body alignment is achieved, this position gives Partner A the opportunity to kick back and enjoy some well-earned and highly intense bonding time with their partner. Plus, both partners get the chance to appreciate some of that slow-and-steady—which, in this position, definitely wins the race.

More About Leg Up Position

We won't sugar-coat it: This position requires a decent amount of flexibility on Partner A's part. If you are a wheelchair user or have limited mobility of any kind, we recognize that you may wish to not do this one. If extending their leg upright is too difficult to sustain, Partner A might try holding their outstretched leg against a wall or piece of furniture and/or placing their arms flat along their side for stability. Alternatively, Partner A could extend only their thigh vertically and hook their knee on Partner B's shoulder. This modification allows for entry into the position with less flexibility required.

As for Partner B, while they're holding Partner A's leg to achieve maximum thrusting power, it's important not to push too hard on it and force their partner's leg to stretch beyond a safe angle. Partner B can also protect their knees by sliding some pillows or cushions underneath them for padding.

Once you've found a variation that works for you, the Leg Break Position allows for some seriously intimate face-to-face fun, regardless of anatomy. If the insertive partner doesn't have a penis, a strap-on can make this position viable. Other toys you might try in this position include nipple clamps, mouth plugs and/or clitoral vibrators.

Finally, assume this position safely by establishing a dismounting strategy ahead of time (believe it or not, getting your leg down is sometimes harder than getting it up!) and enjoying it for only as long as both partners' muscles can handle.



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