The Swiss Ball Blitz Position

Updated: JULY 5, 2021

The Swiss ball blitz is a rear entry position that is a variation of the hot seat position that involves a stability ball as a prop. To get into this position, the penetrating partner is seated on the ball with the feet on the floor. The receiving partner faces away from the seated partner, backs up and sits in the lap of the giving partner.

Swiss Ball Blitz Position. The penetrating partner sits on top of an inflatable fitness ball. The receiving partner lowers themselves onto their partner's lap and uses the penetrating partner's knees for stability.

More About The Swiss Ball Blitz Position

The position allows for penetration similar to doggy style positions, but allows the receiving partner to be in control rather than the penetrating partner. The receiving partner can adjust the angle of entry by arching the back and pressing further into the groin.

When selecting an inflatable athletic ball, make sure you check the weight limits! Many balls are not designed for the weight of two people, and the last thing you want is to experience a "POP!" mid-pleasure.



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