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The Standing 69 Position

Updated: MARCH 17, 2022

The standing 69 position is a challenging variation of the traditional 69.

Standing 69 Sex Position

The best way to get into this position is to start with the stronger, heavier partner sitting in a chair or bed. The lighter partner then puts their head into the lap of the heavier person. The heavier partner can then maneuver the lighter partner into an upside-down position. Both heads should be between the thighs of each partner. When in this position, both partners should wrap their arms around the other's waist. From there, the heavier and stronger partner can then stand up, completing the standing 69 position.

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More About The Standing 69 Position

Despite its exotic allure, the Standing 69 position is challenging and dangerous if not executed correctly. Never attempt this position if the standing partner is not strong enough to hold them upside down partner. If the upside-down partner falls, it could result in a head or neck injury.

Also, this sex position should not be maintained for more than a couple of minutes. Staying in this position too long can cause blood to rush to the upside-down partner's head and result in dizziness or the loss of consciousness.



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