The Standing 69 Position

Updated: MAY 2, 2024

The Standing 69 position is a challenging variation of the traditional 69.

Standing 69 Sex Position

The best way to get into this sex position is to start with the stronger, heavier partner sitting in a chair or bed. The lighter partner then puts their head into the lap of the heavier person. The heavier partner can then maneuver the lighter partner into an upside-down position. Both heads should be between the thighs of each partner. When in this position, both partners should wrap their arms around the other's waist. From there, the heavier and stronger partner can then stand up, completing the Standing 69 position.

To help support their weight, the upside-down partner should rest the tops of their thighs on the standing partner's shoulders as best as possible. Actively pushing through the tops of the thighs can help use the powerful leg muscles to help keep the upside-down partner in place.

Make sure you have a plan in place to get out of the Standing 69 position before you attempt it. This could include reversing the initial instructions, or the inverted partner coming down in a headstand or forearm stand.

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Dangers of the Standing 69 Position

We don't have to tell you that this position is dangerous. There's literally someone upside down, being held up only by the strength of the couple's bodies.

There is a severe risk of paralysis or fatality if this person is dropped. We can't overstate this enough.

This is compounded by the fact that both partners are simultaneously giving and receiving oral sex. Giving oral sex is distracting by itself, but if either partner starts to creep towards orgasm, the muscle contractions can become dangerous to sustaining the upside-down partner's body in the air.

All of this makes the Inverted 69 position extremely dangerous. Even if the position itself is within your risk profile, ensure that you've negotiated approaching orgasm while in this position. Orgasms often leave people saying "I can't believe I did that!", and that is not the reaction you want to have while holding someone's body in the air.

If orgasm is off the table, it can also make it easier to tap-out of this position before either partner reaches fatigue. Instead of ego (or "I'm almost there!") getting in the way, both partners should agree to swap to a new position when muscles start to tire. If you want to retain the challenge, the Taste of Bliss position offers a flexibility challenge without the dangers of dropping anyone.

As if that wasn't enough to pay attention to, keep an eye out for dizziness. Inverting the body for long periods of time can caught nausea and dizziness - especially if the upside-down partner isn't used to inversions. If taken too far, it can also cause a loss of consciousness. Make sure to keep communication open and come out of the Standing 69 position at the first sign of dizziness. For some people, this may be within a minute.

If all of that comes together, the Standing 69 makes for a photo-worthy sex position that will have you and your partner feeling like sex ninjas. Even if it isn't the most practical for pleasure, it's certainly a challenge!

Modifying the Standing 69 Position

There are ways to modify the Standing 69 position to make it safer for the average couple. However, all of these modifications still place one partner upside down and distracted with oral sex. All care should be taken to ensure both partners swap to a new position before any fatigue sets in.

Use a Yoga Swing: A lot of aerial yoga focuses on using the sling (which looks like a giant, fabric swing) to flip upside down. You can use those same ideas with the Inverted 69 position. If the upside-down partner is familiar with aerial yoga, the yoga swing can help support most of the upside-down partner's body weight while enjoying the Inverted 69 position. If they aren't familiar with a yoga swing, this may be the excuse you need! A search for "yoga inversion swings" can provide good places to start.

Use a Wall: Some couples may find that the extra friction and pressure of placing either partner's back onto a wall can help make this position more sustainable.

Use an Inversion Stool: While you may not find the angles to be correct with an Inversion Stool, if the upright partner kneels, you may find that using a Headstand bench puts the upside-down partner at the right height. This can provide a solid, firm surface to ensure the upside-down partner doesn't fall, face-first, to the ground. Depending on the angle and your headstand bench, you may also need to swap to oral sex only on the upside-down partner to make it work - but it's certainly a feat to itself!


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