Ramp It Up Sex Position

Updated: APRIL 26, 2024

The Ramp It Up uses the helpful, supportive edge of a Liberator Ramp to make a standing sex position easier to maintain.

Ramp It Up sex position. Both the receiving partner and penetrating partner are standing. The receiving partner is bending in a foreward fold overtop of a Liberator Ramp. The penetrating partner is standing behind them, penetrating from behind. | Kinkly

To get into this sex position, the receiving partner stands in front of an upright Ramp. Once there, they lean forward onto the Ramp, finding a comfortable spot against their hip bones to rest on the Ramp. They lean forward as far as is comfortable, potentially touching the ground on the other side of the Ramp. The penetrating partner then stands behind the receiving partner's hips for penetration.

More About Ramp It Up Sex Position

Leaning forward in a standing sex position requires a lot of balance and strength - and you may not want to focus on those things when trying to climb to orgasm! If that's the case, leaning over the Liberator Ramp can provide a helping hand! Not only does it help support the hips in their elevated position, but it also provides an upright surface to balance on, making it easier to find stability in this standing sex position.

Once you're both settled, the Ramp It Up position offers deep penetration with a fantastic view. If the penetrating partner slips inside with downward strokes, this position can also offer g-spot and p-spot pleasure for the receiver. (We also think this position can be a great fit for a cock ring as it can be difficult to reach around the receiver in this position to provide additional penis or clitoral pleasure.)

If you'd like to explore other intercourse angles, at any time, the Ramp can be gently placed to the side. This may especially be the case if the receiver finds the blood rushing to their head - even the Liberator Ramp can't help with that!

The Liberator Ramp as a center of other sex positions can be a great transition. The Elevated Oral, Rhombus, Bound Love Triangle, Pitch Perfect, and Over-the-Wedge positions all use the Ramp to achieve deliciously pleasurable angles during sex.

Modifying the Ramp It Up Sex Position

Unlike many of the sex positions in our database that can be modified with other furniture, you may find it hard to pull off the Ramp It Up without the Liberator Ramp. Not only is it the right height, but it also offers supportive, yet plushy, surface that doesn't make it painful to bend over. You may be able to pull off the Ramp It Up with a bar stool or edge of a couch, but it may not have the same "freestanding" feel of the position when done with the Liberator Ramp.

However, depending on your hamstring flexibility and height, some people may find the Liberator Ramp's 34" height too tall to reach the ground on the other side. If that's the case, you may want to place a sturdy chair, footstool, ottoman, or yoga blocks on the other side. This will allow the receiving partner a comfortable place to lay their hands to add to the stability of this position.

For wider hips, you may prefer the stability of a wider Ramp in the Liberator Ramp Plus. Instead of the 24" width, the Plus comes in a 30" width, providing more space for those beautiful hips and offering more stability in your Ramp It Up position. It's all about finding the sex furniture that works best for you!

During all of this, the penetrating partner can modify where they place their hands to help. Placing their hands on the receiver's hips can allow for deeper penetration, but it can be easy to accidentally send the receiver off-balance. Placing their hands on the Liberator Ramp can offer additional stability. The penetrating partner can even gently rock the Ramp back-and-forth to facilitate thrusting!



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