Taste of Bliss Sex Position

Updated: APRIL 25, 2024

A variation on the 69 position, the Taste of Bliss position offers simultaneous oral sex in a position that makes it even easier to reach everyone's erogenous zones.

Taste of Bliss simultaneous oral sex position. The bottom partner is laying on their back with their knees pulled up back towards their shoulders. The top partner is straddling the bottom partner's face with their face in-between the exposed area of the bottom partner's thighs.

To get into the Taste of Bliss position, the bottom partner should lay flat on their back, butt on the floor. The top partner straddles the receiving partner's face, looking down towards the receiving partner's feet. The bottom partner then pulls their knees back towards their shoulders which elevates the hips and makes it easier to access the between-the-thighs erogenous zones. The top partner then leans overtop of the bottom partner's body in order to give oral sex while simultaneously receiving it.

Since the Taste of Bliss position requires more flexibility on the bottom partner than standard 69 positions, we recommend asking your partner about their willingness to do this position before jumping straight in - especially if you've met someone new for oral sex.

More About Taste of Bliss Sex Position

The biggest benefit of the Taste of Bliss position is the instantly-swapped angles that make it even easier to reach where you need to be for oral sex. As the bottom partner brings their knees back towards their shoulders, this instantly raises the penis/clitoris and makes it much easier for the top partner to access. Some top partners may even be able to give rimming in this position!

If you're into power exchange and like a bit of kink in your sex, the Taste of Bliss position can also deliver there. The "exposed" positioning - partnered with the top partner's bodyweight right on top - can deliver intense feelings of submission and vulnerability for the bottom partner. For those who are into it, this positioning also lends itself well for the top partner to take control with skull fucking or a deep throat blowjob.

While the Taste of Bliss position has a lot of fun benefits, it isn't for the faint of heart. In particular, the partner on the bottom will be folded into a tight ball - and then, additionally, have body weight pressed on top of them. This can be a recipe for muscle strain (if your muscles aren't comfortable being that bent) and claustrophobia.

Before getting into the Taste of Bliss position, both of you should discuss the position - and come up with a "safe action". Similar to a safe word, the safe action will allow the bottom partner to communicate that they need the top partner to get off from on top of them. As it can be hard for the top partner to understand words - even if the bottom partner is able to get their mouth free to state them - this can be a way to ensure the bottom partner always has the agency they need to freely breathe.

A simple safe action can be a hard double tap onto the top partner's thigh or hip. If you're worried this may go unnoticed during your passionate oral sex, the bottom partner can also hold an easy-to-squeeze, loud squeaky toy. We promise - that one will get everyone's attention when it's squeezed!

While this is important for all couples, this is especially vital if you're still new to this partner - like if you met up for casual oral through an app. As your partner is still new to you, you may not easily recognize signs if they're encountering problems, so ensure this safe action is easy to understand and something you'll catch even if you're on the very-precipice of orgasm.

Don't forget about the magic of props or sex furniture to help make this sex position more comfortable for both partners. A sex wedge can be placed underneath the bottom partner's hips in order to tilt the hips upward and reduce the flexibility and strain on the legs. A sex sling may be able to help support the weight of the legs and hold them up - which can let the bottom partner focus more on the oral sex they're receiving. And if need be, a sex swing can be looped underneath the top partner's torso to help support the top partner's body weight and keep it from pressing down onto the bottom partner.


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