Airborne Oral Sex Position

Published: SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

Using the magic of a sex swing, the Airborne Oral Sex Position lets you take the neck strain out of oral sex. Since most sex swings can be raised and lowered at will, the receiving partner can sit down and magically be placed at the perfect height for the giving partner to provide oral pleasure.

Airborne Oral Sex Position. The receiving partner sits on a sex swing with their legs spread. Sitting on a stool in front of the suspended person, the giver puts their head between the receiver's thighs to provide comfortable oral sex.

To get into this position, the giving partner will want to pull up a chair or stool (if they wish to be seated) and sit on it. This position can lend itself well to a giver who uses a wheelchair. You can kneel if you prefer. This will give you a good idea of the height necessary for the sex swing. You can then adjust the sex swing to the perfect height, and when you're ready, the receiving partner then gets into the sex swing to enjoy oral sex from the giver.

More About Airborne Oral Sex Position

Oral sex is more fun when both people are comfortable, and the Airborne Oral Sex Position is one of those sex positions that looks extremely athletic and adventurous - but it's much, much easier than it looks. Not only that, but the sex swing allows for a multitude of modifications to allow both partners to find positions that work amazingly for their own bodies and limitations.

The giver can take any position they desire to provide the oral sex. Kneeling on the floor can work in a pinch, but most people will find that their knees will not want to be kinked for extended periods of time. Luckily, this position allows the giver to pull up a chair or stool to help the action continue while being friendly to the giver's body.

The sex swing you choose to use will make a large difference in the receiver's enjoyment of the airborne oral sex position. A thigh-straps-only sex swing (like the one shown in the illustration) will require the receiver to have good core strength and partially support some of their body weight through their arms.

Since one of the perks of this position is making oral sex comfortable enough to be sustained for long periods of time, you may want to find a more comfortable piece of sex furniture for the receiver. Using a sex swing with a full seat will support more of the receiver's weight and will reduce the physical strain required to stay in the position. Going with a full sex sling like the XR Brands Extreme Sling - or a simple wide seat like the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling Special Edition - allows the recipient to feel fully supported and extends the longevity of this sex position.

If the oral sex receiver is a larger-bodied individual, they may find that extra squish can get in the way of receiving oral sex while sitting up straight in a sex swing. Using a sex swing that allows the receiver to recline and further spread their legs will help alleviate some of these positioning issues.

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