The Splitting Bamboo Position

Updated: APRIL 24, 2024

Splitting Bamboo is a classic Kama Sutra sex position that adds a nice little twist to the Missionary position.

diagram of the splitting bamboo sex position - the receiver lies on their back and raises one leg into the air and lays the other on the bed or floor. The giver then straddles the partner's lower leg and rests the raised leg against their shoulder and penetrates them.

To get into this position, the receiver lies on their back and raises one leg into the air and lays the other on the bed or floor. The giver then straddles the partner's lower leg and rests the raised leg against their shoulder. While holding onto the raised leg, the giver can then enter and thrust into their partner, anally or vaginally.

More About The Splitting Bamboo Position

One of the biggest advantages of this position is the fact that it allows for deep penetration or shallow penetration! The penetration depth can easily be controlled by how deeply the receiving partner's leg is stretched: Close the angle of the legs to reduce penetration depth or pull the knee even further back towards the face for deeper penetration.

As another advantage of this sex position, the receiver's genitals are easily available for stimulation from either partner. With both hands free, either partner can provide additional stimulation for the receiving partner through hand sex or sex toys. Depending on the positioning of both bodies, you may find that larger sex toys like wand massagers are a tight squeeze. You may need to select smaller sex toys -- like the Tenga Spinner, Wild Flower Enby 2, We-Vibe Tango X or Hot Octopuss Jett to avoid disrupting the penetration angle.

The Splitting Bamboo position, as shown, may not be comfortable for all bodies. The receiving partner's raised leg needs to be able to lift high enough to allow the penetrating partner enough space for penetration. This can be a deep stretch for some, and the angle required will be different for all couples depending on the size, heights, and penis length of the included bodies.

Experimenting with the receiver's body placement may help make this stretch easier or harder. If the receiver lays on their back, it will stretch the leg in a front splits position. However, if the receiver props themselves up on one hip, it will be reminiscent of the middle splits position. Most people will find that one option will feel better than the other.

Maintaining the straight leg will deepen the stretch for the receiving partner. Instead, the penetrating partner may choose to lean to the left or right to give the receiving partner enough space to bend their leg at the knee. This can reduce the depth of the stretch, and it can be a nice change of pace if the two of you have been enjoying a marathon session!

Don't forget about sex positioning aids like the Sportsheets Sex Sling, either. The sling can be used to anchor the receiver's ankle back towards their own head. This can reduce the receiving partner's muscle strain and make it easier to hold the position for even longer.

Even with those modifications, however, the Splitting Bamboo sex position may not be a good fit for all bodies. If it isn't a good fit for you, that's OK! There are hundreds of other sex positions in our database that may be a better fit. Remember: Sex is all about pleasure and connection with your partner. One single sex position isn't required in order to bring those things to life.

Even if you're able to get into the Splitting Bamboo sex position, you may find it isn't a marathon-friendly sex position. Even in the stretchiest of people, the reduced blood flow in the receiver's foot can become distracting and the penetrating partner may find their legs falling asleep. Feel free to alternate raised legs for a quick break if you'd like to maintain the Splitting Bamboo position. Otherwise, the Spork, Eagle, Scissoring, Toad, Happy Scissors and/or Tuck Knee positions are great to transition into when you'd like a new change of pace.

If you are physically disabled or experience any chronic pain, this position might be a challenge for both the penetrative partner and the receiving partner. It’s best to have a conversation about pain, leg mobility and overall comfort before, during and after you attempt this position. You may wish to practice this position a few times before attempting to do so with full penetration. You may also consider no penetration at all if that helps make things easier. If you want to do penetration and you have a disability and/or chronic pain, pillows will really help you here.



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