The Galley Position

Updated: AUGUST 2, 2021

The galley sex position is a sexy yet accessible rear-entry position. In this position, the penetrating partner sits with legs extended, allowing the receiving partner to lower themselves down to guide penetration. As a rear-entry position, the galley is quite comfortable for both partners but provides a sexy view and plenty of options!

Galley Sex Position. The penetrating partner sits down with their legs straight in front of them. The receiving partner gets on all fours on either side of their partner's hips in front of the penetrating partner - but at a 45-degree from the penetrating partner's torso.

More About The Galley Position

To ensure that this position is comfortable, the seated partner may want a wall or headboard to lean against. The kneeling partner may want to ensure a soft surface for the knees as well. This position also gives the kneeling partner full control of penetration depth and intensity.



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