The Kneel Position

Updated: JULY 8, 2021

The Kneel sex position is a simple, intimate sex position.

The Kneel Sex Position

To get into the Kneel position, the penetrating partner should kneel down on their knees and the receiving partner must then face the penetrating partner and straddle their thighs with their arms around their partner's neck. Once in this sex position, penetration can occur.

More About The Kneel Position

This position can add a great level of intimacy during intercourse as it easily allows hugging, kissing, and caressing to occur.

It is often important to be comfortable during sex. To make this position more comfortable, it is best for the partners to kneel on a firm mattress, yoga mat, thick carpet, or other soft material.

The position can be made difficult if the partners are of drastically different heights. If this is an issue or concern, the shorter partner can kneel on thick pillows or blankets to bring both partner's pelvises more in line.



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