The Speed Bump Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024

Despite being a from-behind position without face-to-face contact, the Speed Bump position radiates intimacy through its head-to-toe skin-to-skin contact. It's also a great position for pegging with the aid of a strap-on dildo like the Limba Flex.Speed Bump Sex Position: The receiving partner lies flat on their stomach and the penetrating partner lies face-down on top of them to slide inside their vagina or anus with their strap-on dildo.

To get into this position, the receiving partner lies flat on their stomach -- optionally with a pillow or bolster under their stomach and hips. The penetrating partner then kneels and enters them from behind. The penetrating partner continues the forward movement to lay on top of the receiving partner.

More About The Speed Bump Position

There are few sex positions that give you as much skin-on-skin contact as the Speed Bump position does! With both partners in place, every inch of your bodies, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, will be pressed against one another. Not only does this make this from-behind position feel even more intimate, but it also can leave the receiving partner feeling "taken" in the best of ways.

The from-behind positioning of the Speed Bump position can also be fantastic for prostate and g-spot stimulation. If you're not finding the direct contact you're looking for, experiment with the receiving partner's hips. A hip tilt towards the ground - or towards the ceiling - may better expose the prostate or g-spot and make it easier for the penetrating partner to hit it with each thrust.

Couples who have drastically different weights may find this position a poor fit on its own. For an extra helping hand, consider the added elevation of a sex furniture wedge underneath the receiver's hips as well. This can help support the receiver's hips, placing them into an upward tilt, with minimal muscle strain for the receiving partner. Folded up blankets or folded over pillows can also be used underneath the stomach and hips to help keep the receiving partner's hips in a tilt.

This position is also a great fit for people into pegging -- especially people who are new to it! Though the partner receiving the pegging won't be able to see the penetrating partner, they will surely feel the erotic thrusts as they achieve penetration. Once the dildo is slid inside, the receiver's position can lead to explosive prostate or g-spot stimulation! Newcomers to pegging may appreciate the convenience of a dildo that comes with its own strap-on harness and boasts a shorter insertable length -- both benefits offered by the Sportsheets Anal Explorer Kit or the Sportsheets New Comer's Kit.

As both partners are laying down, this position also lends itself well for penetrating partners who are shorter than their receiving partners - which is especially true of many people who engage in pegging.

Some receiving partners (especially those who have a penis!) may find the hip contact with the floor beneath them uncomfortable - especially with a second person's bodyweight laying on top of them. If this is the case, consider moving to a softer surface or using pillows, towels, or blankets to help add softness.

You can also use this close contact with the floor to your advantage. Consider a lay-on or sit-on sex toy underneath the receiving partner. This can allow for hands-free pleasure of the receiver during intercourse.

Either partner's hand can also be snaked underneath the receiving partner to provide extra pleasure, but you may find it difficult with multiple bodies - and it may disrupt the hip angles to leave space for a hand to slip between the receiver's body and the floor.

The Speed Bump position can leave the receiving partner feeling squished - especially if there's a size difference between the two of you. At any point, the penetrating partner can sit up - turning this position into the Grand Slam position - to give the receiver a break. The small position change required by the penetrating partner makes this duo a great combination; simply swap between the two as needed!

Putting in a bit more movement, the Binding Spoon Position, Landslide Position, and Follow Through Position can also be great positions to transition into.

You both may also choose to experiment with leg placement. There are no "right" or "wrong" placements for the legs in this position. Experiment with opening and closing the receiving partner's legs to change up the feel of penetration - and the penetrating partner can place their legs anywhere that feels comfortable once you find that sweet spot.

Even with changes to the position, the Speed Bump sex position may not be a good fit for all couples. Receiving partners with claustrophobia may find this position a poor fit, and penetrating partners with lower back or knee pain may find it difficult to thrust. That's OK! There are thousands of sex positions out there, and you can find a sex position that honors your bodies -- today -- instead of trying to force yourself into this sex position. Remember: sex is all about the connection and pleasure. You don't need the Speed Bump position to make those things happen!



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