The Headlong Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024
The Headlong is a rear entry sex position in which the receiving partner's head and torso are hanging off the edge of the bed.

Headlong Sex Position. The receiving partner lies with everything below their hips on top of a flat, supportive surface. The penetrating partner climbs on top to penetrate their partner from behind.

More About The Headlong Position

To get into this position, the bottom partner hangs the head and torso off the edge of the bed supported by the arms. The hips should still be on the bed. The other partner then enters from behind. The position has been reported to increase feeling during intercourse due to the increased blood flow to the head. The position supports rapid movements back and forth. The intensity of this position can be easily modified by changing the height of the surface you both lay on. Choose surfaces closer to the ground for less intensity - or higher up with a more drastic angle for even more intensity. Consider weight-bearing tables, countertops, couches, or beds. If none of those have the height you're looking for, consider Liberator sex furniture pieces to help fill the gap like the Equus Wave or other sex furniture.

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