The Rocking Horse Position

Updated: DECEMBER 9, 2022

The Rocking Horse position is a variation of the rider-on-top/cowgirl position.

Rocking Horse sex position. The penetrating partner is sitting on their butt, legs crossed on one another. The receiving partner is straddling the penetrating partner's lap, facing them. The illustration also shows the receiving partner wearing a jeweled butt plug during sex. | Kinkly

To get into this position, the penetrating partner sits on a flat surface. They may need to lean backwards, resting on their hands, to give the receiving partner space to sit on top of the penetrating partner's lap. The penetrating partner then straddles their partner's lap.

This variation of rider-on-top can be especially appealing to people having penis-in-vagina sex who also enjoy anal stimulation as it leaves the receiver's backside free for anal toys like the Blush Temptasia Bling, Rocks-Off Cocktail, or b-Vibe Vibrating Jewel.

If you want to play with strap-on harnesses, the Lesbian Rocking Horse position might be a great variation for you.

More About The Rocking Horse Position

This sex position gets its name from the rocking motion the receiver must do to facilitate thrusting. For additional stability, the giver can also lean against a solid object, such as a headboard or wall.

This position also makes it easier to stimulate a clitoris or penis, either with your hand or with a vibrator. You can up the ante with the addition of an anal toy or any other type of sex toys that catch your eye.


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