Aerial Analingus Sex Position

Published: DECEMBER 28, 2023

The Aerial Analingus position takes advantage of any elevated surface for easy access for rimming or cunnilingus at a moment's notice.

Aerial Analingus Sex Position. The receiving partner is on their hands and knees, bent over on the edge of a flat, low surface like a bed. The giving partner is kneeling behind the receiver's butt, on a surface lower than the elevated surface, to place their head at the right head to give analingus to the receiving partner.

To get into this sex position, the receiving partner should crawl onto the edge of a bed or elevated surface, presenting their butt towards the edge of the bed. The giving partner then kneels next to the bed, placing their face at the right height for oral sex.

Why try the Aerial Analingus position?

The beauty of the Aerial Analingus position is in its simplicity. The receiver simply needs to get on all fours on an elevated surface while the giver simply needs to kneel. There aren't any complicated instructions here; just two body positions that are second-nature to many.

Once there, those simple positions lend themselves well to accomplishing the oral sex you're trying to accomplish. Instead of worrying about quaking muscles, the receiver is on all fours in a supported position to focus on the pleasure. Instead of trying to find the space to breath, the giver can back away and adjust themselves at a moment's notice to keep their attention on the pleasure activity at-hand.

Since the Aerial Analingus only requires an elevated surface for easy access between the cheeks, this may be one of the best public play rimming sex positions. While it will still require the giver to kneel on the ground of the area you're in, the bent-over position of the receiver can help make the anal entrance very accessible at a moment's notice, and it only requires an elevated surface that the receiver can kneel on top of. In public, this might look like a sturdy desk, a stairway landing, or a sturdy armchair.

Some couples may also want to play with power dynamics in this oral sex position. The receiver's kneeling, spread-leg position can make this position feel very vulnerable. You can play with this positioning, choosing to enhance it via dirty talk and other kinky activities if the receiving partner enjoys playing the submissive role. (This position can also be a great fit for humiliation play if both of you are into it!)

More About Aerial Analingus Sex Position

One of the biggest benefits of the Aerial Analingus position is relief of neck stress for the giving partner. While many oral sex positions require the giver to hold their neck at awkward angles, the Aerial Analingus position takes that out of the equation by using an elevated surface to place the receiver at the correct height. If the giver is still experimenting some neck strain, you both can experiment with the height of the elevated surface, how far the receiver hangs off the bed, and adding cushions/height underneath the giver's knees.

While the receiver may be kneeling on top of a comfortable, padded surface, it's likely that the giver may be kneeling on the floor. We recommend folding up blankets or towels to place underneath the knees to make for more comfortable kneeling for the giver. The receiver can also scoot forward a bit on the bed, moving inwards, to allow the giving partner to rest their arms on the elevated surface. This can put both partners into more of a Reverse Oral Sex Position where the giver's body weight is partially supported by their upper body instead of their knees to reduce further knee stress.

While simple, this sex position may not be suitable for everyone. The bent-over position may place strain on the giver's back, and, as pictured, the position places a lot of the giver's weight on their knees. The receiving partner's position on their hands and knees may not be comfortable for all, and getting the right pelvic tilt to orally access the desired area may require a level of flexibility that might be uncomfortable for the receiver.

Of course, this position also assumes that both partners can support their own body weight, which is not a reality for millions of people. Injuries, health conditions, or chronic pain may make this position impossible or painful for you.

But don't fret! If the Aerial Analingus position isn't accessible to you, there are hundreds of other oral sex positions that may be a better fit. Remember that sex is about enjoying yourselves and having a great time - not getting into an arbitrary position to check it off your list. Try one of the other oral sex positions out there to find a position that better honors both of your bodies to better focus on the intimacy and connection.

Choosing a Surface for the Aerial Analingus Position

While the Aerial Analingus position, as shown, is done on a bed, this oral sex position can be done on any elevated surface! Beds, ottomans, stairway landings, sex furniture, gym benches, armchairs, and even toilets could become workable surfaces for this position.

We recommend choosing wide, heavy surfaces - and make sure to do a trial run first! The Aerial Analingus position will unevenly place weight on your desired surface since the receiver is kneeling right on the edge. We're sure you've seen those videos of people sitting on the edge seat of a bench - and flipping right off it! - and we want to make sure that doesn't happen during your oral sex escapade as well. Make sure your surface is stable enough to support a full person's body weight on the edge of it without tipping.

Adding More Pleasure to the Aerial Analingus Position

The kneeling position offers options for adding even more pleasure to your oral sex.

As pictured, the giver keeps their hands free to add even more stimulation to the receiver. This may include using their hands on the receiver's penis, vagina, scrotum, perineum, or clitoris to add extra stimulation. This is the classic reach around that can lead to powerful blended orgasms for the receiving partner.

However, many givers may find it hard to concentrate on providing multiple types of stimulation at once, and sex toys can come to the rescue. It's much easier to hold a toy in one position than it is simultaneously do small, precise movements with your hands. With all of the excess space underneath the receiving partner, wand massagers, penis strokers, air suction toys, or penis vibrators can all be options here.

If the receiving partner is able to hold up their body weight with one arm, the receiving partner can also stimulate themselves with their hands or a sex toy. Sex furniture placed under the chest, like a folded Liberator Flip-Ramp, could also be used to support the receiver's upper body to make it easier for them to use their hands for stimulation.

If you'd like to experiment with a variation of the Aerial Analingus position, the receiving partner can lay flat on their tummy with their legs hanging over the edge of the bed. This position will place their penis or clitoris in direct contact with the bed, allowing for grinding. While this will make it harder to access the receiver's body for oral sex, it can be a wonderful trade-off or way to transition when you'd like to move onto something else. Grinding-friendly sex toys like the Fleshlight Top Dog, Orion VibePad 2, Liberator Axis, Wild Flower Enby 2, or Rocks-Off Ruby Glow would all be great fits underneath the receiver.

The giving partner doesn't need to be left out of the equation, either! The giving partner can use their hands or a sex toy to pleasure themselves while giving oral sex to their partner. If they'd like to keep their hands free to touch the receiver, they also could play with hands-free sex toy options - like the Hot Octopuss Jett, Lovense Lush 3, or We-Vibe Moxie - to add stimulation without interrupting their flow. As always, however, make sure you both have communicated about the giver's pleasure to ensure they're sexually satisfied at a level that makes them happy. Unwanted, one-sided sex is never fun!

The Aerial Analingus may also lend itself well to sensation play and bondage. An Under-the-Bed Restraints System or spreader bar can be used on a bed to easily restrain the receiving partner as they kneel on the bed. The giver can wear vampire gloves to easily add sharp, erotic sensations to the sensitive flesh between the thighs. Either partner can wear nipple clamps during the experience to add even more sensation.



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