The Slippery Nipple Position

Updated: JANUARY 15, 2022

The Slippery Nipple is a sex position that is good for partners seeking a new adventure that's surprisingly easy and relaxed.

Slippery Nipple Position. The penetrating partner straddles an ottoman. The receiving partner lays down on the length of the ottoman and rests their hips on top of the penetrating partner's lap. To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner sits upright. The receiving partner then lays back with their legs wrapped around their partner, and their hips resting in the penetrating partner's lap. The penetrating partner can plant their feet flat on the floor, if the furniture allows, for more stability.

More About The Slippery Nipple Position

Compared to many sex positions, this position allows both partners to stay in comfortable, familiar positions (sitting and laying). Its marathon-session capabilities are part of what make the Slippery Nipple such a fun position! It also offers a great view for the penetrating partner with a relaxing ride for the receiver.

This position also leaves the hands of both partners free to explore each other. Both partners have access to the receiver's penis or clitoris for manual stimulation, or the nipples can be stimulated as well. Between the comfortable positioning and all of the ample space, the Slippery Nipple is a great position for experimenting with new sex toys and methods of pleasure. Even for the more "complicated" toys like electrosex options, both partners can take their time without fear of exhausting themselves out of the position.

Any surface that allows the receiving partner to lay out flat can work fantastically for the Slippery Nipple position. For the best leverage, find a surface that allows the penetrating partner to keep their feet flat on the floor. You might have an ottoman that perfectly fits the bill. Otherwise, sex furniture like the Equus Wave can be a good stand-in to ensure you find the perfect height for exploring this position. Other Liberator sex furniture, like the Esse Chaise, could also be a good fit.

This position can also be explored on any type of furniture you have available like a bed or a couch. It simply needs to be long enough for the receiving partner to lay out flat.



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