Lesbian Rocking Horse Position

Updated: MAY 18, 2022

The Lesbian Rocking Horse sex position is a lesbian sex position designed for strap-on play.

Lesbian Rocking Horse Position. The receiving partner lays on their back with their knees pulled back up to their chest. The strap-on wearer kneels against the receiver's elevated legs.

In this position, the partner on the top dons a strap on harness while the receiver lies on their back with legs up. This position is a great way to adjust the level of penetration, which is determined by how far the partner on the bottom bends their knees into their chest.

Another variant is the standard Rocking Horse position.

More About Lesbian Rocking Horse Position

The Lesbian Rocking Horse is a fun, simple sex position that's attainable for most people, although some flexibility is required to get those legs in the air! The sex position also leaves both partners' hands free for exploring and extra stimulation - including through sex toys.


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