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Published: MARCH 16, 2017 | Updated: JUNE 1, 2022
Looking for a good, old-fashioned, super-intense boning? It's time to go deep!

As a sex writer I've both read and written more than my fair share of sex position articles. Some give suggestions for stimulating specific regions (20 Positions for G-Spot Glory!), others offer solutions to sexual stumbling blocks (10 Positions For Couples of Wildly Different Heights!), and there are always the ones that promise more pleasure than physically possible (5 Positions GUARANTEED To Give EVERYONE Multiple Orgasms - Even People In The Next Room!!).

I understand, though, that it's not always as complicated as all that. Sometimes you just want some good, straight-forward, intense boning and often that calls for super-deep penetration. I've got you covered! I’ve put together a list of eight of my favorite positions for when you want to get down on it. Check it out!


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Missionary Plus Sex Positions

These positions are all variations on the standard missionary position.

Flying V Position


Happy Scissors Sex Position

To be filed under “keep it simple” the Flying V position (also known as the Happy Scissors) is as easy as they come. Lie on your back with your hips elevated (use pillows or a Liberator Wedge) and allow your partner to kneel between your legs. Your partner then takes one of your ankles in each hand and holds you legs wide apart while thrusting. If you’re feeling super-helpful you can even hold your own legs, giving your partner the freedom to plant their hands and get more thrusting leverage.

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The G-Whiz Position

G-Whiz Sex Position


This one's called the G-Whiz (or the anvil) and it's for the flexible among you. Lie on your back and raise your legs. You partner kneels in front of you, so your legs can rest on their shoulders. Your partner then leans over you, causing your legs to come back toward you and your hips to lift, making for super-deep penetration.


For a different twist, place the soles of the feet on your partner’s chest instead of extending the legs. The penetration will still be really deep and your legs won’t have to stretch so far.

Butterfly Position

Butterfly Sex Position

For deep penetration that lets you and your partner see each other (remember your partner, they’re so cute!) try the Butterfly Position! Lie on your back with your bum right at the edge of the bed or a sturdy table. You partner stands in front of you, lifts your hips so your legs can rest on their shoulders and then holds onto to your legs while thrusting. Because you aren’t right on top of one another, you can check each other out while you get sexy!

From Behind Sex Positions

If you want your depth to come from behind, these are for you!

Flat Doggy Style Position

Flat Doggy Style Sex Position

The Flat Doggy Style Position (or Speed Bump) is one of my all-time favorites and not just because I’m lazy .. but, seriously, this is a great position if you’re lazy! Lie down on your belly with pillows or a Liberator Wedge under your hips with your legs together.

Your partner will then straddle you on his knees. The angle of entry here can be adjusted based on where your partner sets up their knees or angles their chest - play with that! He can adjust the angle of entry by where he puts his knees. If you want to take a more active role, have your partner stay upright so you can reach back and grab their hands. Now they can use your hands to get extra thrusting leverage.

Turtle Position

Turtle Sex Position

What’s awesome about the Turtle Sex Position is that it makes penetration deep regardless of penis size. Start off on your hands and knees with your legs together and then bend your knees so your chest comes closer to your thighs. You can even wrap your arms behind your knees and pull yourself into a little ball shape. What you are doing is making your vagina as shallow as possible here. Then your partner kneels (or stands if you are at the edge of the bed) behind you with their legs wide apart and enters, gripping your hips as they thrust.

Resting Wheelbarrow

Resting Wheelbarrow Sex Position

The Wheelbarrow Position is one of those positions that tends to turn up in those “10 People Who Went To The ER Because of Sex” articles but this variation lets you get the pleasure without risking the possible pain. To get into this one, stand at the edge of the bed with your feet wide apart and bend forward. In the image above, the bed is quite low, but I recommend a higher surface, and using pillows or cushions under your chest to keep your upper body in line with your hips. Your partner stands between your legs and enters from behind. Here’s where it gets extra-fun! While your partner firmly grasps your thighs, you lift your legs up, possibly even wrapping them around your partner’s waist. Your partner holds your legs up and thrusts, getting super deep penetration. Plus, you get to feel a bit like you’re flying!

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Woman-on-Top Sex Positions

Do you want to be in charge? Here are positions where you’re on top!

Extended Cowgirl Position

Extended Cowgirl Sex Position

To take the Cowgirl Position from regular to extra-deep all you need is one little tweak. Sound like fun? Then you might like Extended Cowgirl Position. Have your partner lie on their back. Come to straddle them but instead of settling onto your knees, keep your feet planted on either side of them while you mount them. Once everything is in place, gently extend one leg, then the other straight out in front of you so you end up with you feet on either side of your partner’s head. Having your legs out straight will make for a deep sensation of penetration and any movements you make from this position will feel seriously intense.

The Love Seat Position

Love Seat Sex Position

Seriously, is there anything better than couch sex? I really don’t think there is. It’s pretty fantastic. This one is called the Love Seat Position, and it's pretty easy to set up. Have your partner sit on a couch (or even a chair), a bit closer to the front of the seat than usual. Climb into their lap, facing them with one knee on either side of their legs. Then, insert the penis and get to rockin’. Hold onto the back of the couch or your partner’s shoulders for leverage. To increase the depth of penetration, have your partner come closer to the edge of the seat.

For another, more high-energy take on couch sex, plant one foot on either side of your partner so you are in a low squat.

So, those are some of my favorites for deep penetrative sex. Now, go forth - and go deep!

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JoEllen Notte

JoEllen is a writer, speaker, researcher and mental health advocate whose work explores the impact of depression on sex and relationships. Since 2012 she has written about sex, mental health, and how none of us are broken on her award-winning site The Redhead Bedhead.

JoEllen's book The Monster Under the Bed: Sex, Depression & The Conversation We Aren’t Having is now available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook.

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