Ho Ho Position

Updated: JULY 4, 2022

The Ho Ho position offers lounging postures with hot visuals that'll keep you both coming back for more.

Ho Ho position. The penetrating partner is sitting on their butt, leaning backwards to support their body weight on their arms behind them. The penetrating partner is laying on their back, with their hips between the penetrating's thighs. the receiving partner's ankles are resting on the penetrating's shoulders. | Kinkly

To get into the Ho Ho position, the giver sits on the floor if they can, depending on their ability level, leaning back and bracing themselves with their arms, hands on the bed (or floor) for support. The receiver sits between their partner's legs, then leans back and places their ankles on their partner's shoulders. The giver can maneuver from there to penetrate the receiver. We at Kinkly completely understand if this position is not physically accessible for you.

To create the greater intimacy this position is so good for, the receiver should tilt their head towards their partner to hold eye contact. If they can, they can prop themselves up on their elbows to help maintain the position without putting as much stress on their neck trying to hold a crunch position for the duration. It may be a good idea to have a conversation with your partner regarding your chronic pain and disability level BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER attempting this position.

Eye contact is one of the great ways to create much-desired intimacy and a steamy sexual bond between playmates, and there’s no better way to do this than by facing your playmate. Better yet, when there’s a solid amount of teamwork involved in getting that position right. There are other ways that partners can create intimacy with eye contact if this position doesn’t quite work for you.

This position is deliberately visually stimulating. Plus, the receiver's feet are all for the taking if you’re into a bit of toe sucking or exploring the sensations of foot play.

More About Ho Ho Position

Many people love sex positions that offer amazing opportunities to connect with their partner and not merely with their genitals.

And one of the best of these is the cheerfully named Ho Ho Position: a penetrative or genital-rubbing position where both parties look into each other’s eyes while mutually pleasuring each other.

Getting into the Ho Ho Position requires varying levels of work depending on your disability or ability level, but the result is more than worth it. To start, the receiving person stretches out on a bed or suitable flat surface and spreads their legs. The receiving person then sits down, so their genitals intersect or penetrate while their legs are outside their partner’s.

After everyone’s comfy, both can push or pull to increase or decrease the genital stimulation using their arms and legs, all while staring with passion and affection into each other’s eyes.

The Ho Ho Position was practically invented for steady, thoughtful, sensual play: perfect for people wanting to deeply and sensually sync up with a lover.

This approach also gives each person comfortable access to their own and their partner’s genitals--far more than with other positions. If sex toys are a favorite of your lovemaking, the Ho Ho Position is grand for putting them to good use.

While great for many reasons, the Ho Ho Position may not be so for anyone with back issues as it requires each person to prop themselves up. So, too, if either has a limited range of mobility or other concerns or disabilities that may stop them from comfortably getting into and doing this position.

As with others, some of this can be dealt with by slightly altering the position, employing bolsters or pillows, or even changing the furniture. For example, if yours is big enough, a sofa instead of a bed could be a great solution. For those with chronic pain who want to try this position, we recommend lots of pillows!

No matter how you may tweak the Ho Ho Position to make it work for you, it remains one of the all-time best for staying in deep and meaningful contact with your partner by bringing together sexual pleasure with intimacy for a single, powerful experience.



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