The Bound Love Triangle Position

Updated: JANUARY 15, 2022

The Bound Love Triangle position is a rear-entry sex position that uses props or sex furniture for better positioning and comfort.

Bound Love Triangle Position. Doggy Style position with receiving partner kneeling and propped up on sex wedge and ramp.Models shown using Wedge/Ramp Combo by Liberator.

In this position, the receiving partner leans forward and places shoulders and head down, using soft, supportive props to keep the upper body and knees comfortable. As a twist on a classic doggy-style position, the bound love triangle can be used for both anal and vaginal sex.


More About The Bound Love Triangle Position

For those who have trouble kneeling without pain, a soft, supportive sex prop like Liberator sex furniture can provide greater comfort, allowing for longer bouts of play. Props can also be placed on a bed to bring the receiving partner up to the penetrating partner's height.

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