Marc Anthony Sex Position

Published: MARCH 27, 2024

Explore more comfortable Missionary with the Marc Anthony sex position. By laying the receiver on a Liberator Hipster, the hips are elevated, making Missionary more comfortable for everyone involved!

Marc Anthony sex position. The receiving partner is laying on their back with their hips positioned on the tallest end of the Hipster. The penetrating partner is kneeling in front of the Hipster with their hips in-between of the receiving partner's knees. | Kinkly

To get into this sex position, place the Liberator Hipster in the space you'd like to use. The receiving partner should take a seat on the tallest end of the Hipster, gently laying back until their head is resting on the lower end of the Hipster. From there, they may want to scoot to the edge of the Hipster for the best between-the-thighs access. The penetrating partner can then kneel between the receiver's spread knees for sex.

More About Marc Anthony Sex Position

In the Marc Anthony sex position, the Liberator Hipster acts as the perfect bolster to add height to a Missionary sex position. This offers a myriad of deliciously pleasurable (and comfortable!) benefits:
  • Better G-Spot/P-Spot Angling: The curves of the Hipster naturally tilt the hips. This makes it easier to hit the g-spot or p-spot with penetration without any additional effort on either partner's ends; we'd call that a win-win!
  • Less Strenuous on the Penetrating Partner: By elevating the receiver's hips, the penetrating partner doesn't need to get their hips as low. This means many penetrating partners may be able to stay up on their knees while still facilitating penetration. This drastically decreases the likelihood of the dreaded "plank" some penetrating partner's have to maintain during Missionary.
  • Less Hip Opening for the Receiving Partner: Since the penetrating partner doesn't need to snugly fit their entire lower body between the receiver's thighs, the receiving partner doesn't need to open their thighs as far apart. For receivers who find that the leg spread of Missionary can be uncomfortable, this can be a welcome sensation!

While the benefits of the Marc Anthony are already fantastic, it's worth noting the the Liberator Hipster comes in a "Black Label" version. This version includes four bondage points (and 4 cuffs and a blindfold!) and bondage points around the sides of the Hipster. In this position, the receiver can bind their ankles to the cuffs near the bondage points closest to the head. This can expose the g-spot and p-spot even further, and it acts as a built-in sex sling for supporting the weight of the legs! (We just think you should know about all of the possibilities!)

The Marc Anthony sex position is also a fantastic choice for oral sex. The receiver's elevated position can reduce neck strain for the giver while simultaneously making it easier to see what's going on. It's a win-win!

Modifying the Marc Anthony Sex Position

The Marc Anthony sex position is designed to be as approachable as possible. It works with couples of discordant weights and heights, and it's both pegging and strap-on sex friendly!

The slightly inverted angle of the receiver's upper body can help tilt the hips for better positioning during intercourse - but that can be a bit intense if you have a large chest! If that's the case for you, consider adding a pillow underneath the receiver's head.

Depending on where your body keeps its curvy, squishy parts, you may also find the Liberator Hipster's built-in curves to be a perfect - or not-so-great-fit. If that's the case, this same basic position can be pulled off with other hip-lifting sex position furniture including the Liberator Wedge and Liberator Ramp. If both partners have large tummies, the Liberator Wedge, in particular, can give you both more upper body space to breathe.

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If the angle isn't quite matching up, the Marc Anthony sex position can also be done on the edge of the bed. This can allow the penetrating partner to stand and better position themselves at the needed height to make the magic happen. Couples may also want to experiment with the surface they're playing on. On a bed, for example, the Hipster will keep the receiver from sinking into the soft mattress, but the penetrating partner will still lose a few inches of height due to their weight sinking into the mattress. Swapping to firmer or softer surfaces may even out this height loss.

As illustrated, the Marc Anthony can work fantastically for vaginal penetration. Many people will find that the anal entrance tends to lie on top of the Hipster when done as pictured. If you're looking for anal sex, the receiving partner can scoot to the edge of the Hipster and raise their legs in the air. This can allow for great anal access (and a Sportsheets Sex Sling can help support those legs in the air, too, to make it easier to maintain!).

Even with modifications, not all people will find that the Marc Anthony sex position is a good fit for them - and that's okay! There are hundreds of other sex positions out there, and another will be a better fit for you. Remember: sex is about connection, intimacy, and pleasure, and it's hard to focus on those things if you're experiencing avoidable pain. Consider swapping to a different sex position if the Marc Anthony isn't working for you.



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