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Plank on Top Position

Updated: SEPTEMBER 3, 2021

The Plank on Top is an athletic take on the traditional Doggy Style position. The receiving partner lies beneath the penetrating partner on either their front or their back. The penetrating partner then holds a plank pose while sliding into the receiver - and holds it for the duration of the Plank on Top position.

To increase friction and help control the action, the receiving partner can wrap their legs or ankles around their partner during this position.

You can further increase the fun with a hands-free toy, like the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover plug, pictured here.

Plank on Top Sex Position


More About Plank on Top Position

The Plank on Top position puts the penetrating partner in control and allows the receiving partner to go along for the ride. With this position, hands will otherwise be occupied holding up body weight. Using hands-free sex toys, like the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover, will allow either partner to enjoy even more sensation without needing to free up a hand. Either partner can easily wear a hands-free sex toy to increase sensation.

The penetrating partner should expect a serious workout to their core and upper body. Consider this like holding a plank - only on hard mode. Even body builders may have difficulty holding a plank for more than a few minutes at a time. Luckily, whenever the penetrating partner's body needs a rest, the penetrating partner can gently come down to their knees to continue intercourse in a position that looks more like the Hinge Position. Alternatively, the Plank On Top Position can easily transition into the Backdoor position with just a few extra movements.

As any fitness trainer can tell you, it's easy to allow your back to slouch - and possibly promote injury - while doing a plank. The penetrating partner will want to ensure that they're bracing their core and thrusting properly through their hips instead of placing the strain on their lower back as their muscles get tired. This is one position where it's best to transition to a different sex position before the muscles have thoroughly given out.

Both partners may consider doing a trial run of the Plank on Top position to figure out the exact angle needed to help their bodies match up for intercourse. The receiving partner may need to tilt their hips at an extreme angle to help achieve the angle needed for the penetrating partner to get into a Plank while still comfortably sliding into the receiver.

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