Happy Scissors Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024

The Happy Scissors sex position is a simple, Missionary-style position that provides a little more excitement and visual appeal.

Happy Scissors sex position. The receiving partner is laying on their back with their legs spread wide. The penetrating partner is kneeling in front of the receiver's spread open legs. The receiving partner then props their hips up on the penetrating partner's lap for intercourse. The illustrated position also shows the receiver using a sex toy on themselves. | Kinkly

To get into this sex position, the receiving partner should get on their back with hips elevated. The penetrating partner may kneel between the legs of the receiving partner.

The Happy Scissors sex position is a great position to add sex toys into as the receiving partner has both their hands free. A wand massager, penis stroker, penis vibrator, air suction vibrator, or bullet vibrator could all be good options to pleasure the receiving partner in this position. The receiving partner could also stimulate other erogenous zones, like the breasts or nipples, in this position as well.

More About Happy Scissors Position

Either partner can hold the reclined partner's ankles here, however, it may require great flexibility from the receiving partner, if they choose to hold their own ankles. It may also be helpful to put a pillow or wedge under the reclined partner's hips. This will keep them elevated and make things more comfortable. In addition to providing a very sexy view for the kneeling partner, the Happy Scissors sex position is great for deep penetration.

The Happy Scissors position is also a great position to use a strap-on!

The Happy Scissors sex position, as pictured, shows the receiving partner's hips resting on top of the penetrating partner's folded legs. If that isn't comfortable, sex furniture, like the Liberator Ramp or Liberator Hipster, can provide a similar angle without placing any extra weight on the penetrating partner's knees.



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