Sofa Oral Position

Published: DECEMBER 21, 2022

Reduce neck strain and make oral sex more comfortable for everyone with the Sofa Oral Sex Position. Utilizing a couch, this easy oral sex position can be done virtually anywhere with great results!
Soft Oral Sex Position. The receiving partner sits comfortably on a couch/sofa. The giving partner knees at their feet, in front of the couch, and leans forward to give oral sex.To get into this sex position, the receiving partner should sit on a flat, sturdy surface -- like a couch. For better access, the receiver should scoot towards the edge of the seat to place their hips forward and spread their legs. The receiving partner can then kneel in-between the spread thighs of their partner to provide oral sex.

This position is also fantastic for receiving partners who use a wheelchair or can't stand for long periods.

More About Sofa Oral Position

While the Sofa Oral sex position employs a couch, you can do it anywhere with a seat. Literally anywhere! The couch provides a lot more room for the receiver to spread their thighs and get comfortable, but this same position can work at a desk chair, reading chair, kitchen chair, or anywhere else in the house. It's perfect for those of you who love familiar sex positions: the only variable here is the sitting surface you select!

That said, we do recommend a couch, or other wide surface, for giving oral to a vulva-owner in the Sofa Oral sex position. Setting the thighs wide, hips forward and torso leaned back is vital for reaching all of the erogenous zones of the vulva. Some chairs have arms that prevent the receiving partner from spreading their legs wide enough to accommodate the giving partner's face.

One of the big benefits of this position is the reduced neck strain for the giver. Experiment with angles in order to get the most out of this. The receiver can scoot further towards the edge of the couch, or further onto the couch, to change the receiving angle. The giver can sit up on their knees or lean down to adjust their height in relation to the receiver.

Keep an eye on the giver's knees in this position. The floor isn't the most comfortable spot to kneel and that's certain to cause discomfort during oral. Consider adding sex furniture (like the Liberator Jaz, Dame Pillo, Liberator Wing, Liberator Bondi, Liberator Talea, pillows, a folded blankets or even gardening kneeling pads) to lessen discomfort and allow oral sex to go on longer.

Even with knee pads, however, the giving partner's knees will be folded tightly for the entirety of the position. This may be a point of concern for circulation issues. The giver can stretch as they work or change sitting positions to give their knees a rest. if the furniture allows it, they can try sitting down with their legs stretched out or crosses.

They can even take a break from oral while continuing stimulation with their hand or a sex toy. This circulation break can also be a good time for the giver to walk around to the backside of the couch to lean down to play with the nipples or enjoy a delicious make-out session with the receiver.

If the giving partner can't kneel, try adding a low seat or stack of pillows for them. A minimalist camping chair or footstool may be the exact height the giver needs to comfortable sit down and still bend forward to provide oral sex.

Before you get caught up in the erotic potential of the Sofa Oral position, don't forget about the sanctity of your couch. As oral sex can include some mess (such as bodily fluids or lube), you may want to lay out a sex blanket or towel underneath the receiver before the action begins. Not only does this make cleanup easy, but it also reduces the likelihood of permanent stains on the couch -- especially if it isn't your couch. You may want to do the same for your wheelchair. You can put pads down before the play starts, so that your mobility aid doesn’t get wet.

The Sofa Oral sex position can be a fantastic fit for porn viewing or power exchange scenarios. The receiving partner is easily able to continue watching their erotic material of choice (which may simply be the giver's ministrations) while the giver pleasures them. This position is also great for comfortable cock worship or vulva worship, or impromptu commanded oral sex.

Don't forget about the pleasure of the giver, as well! We recommend taking turns or otherwise having a plan to ensure the giver receives the sexual pleasure they'd like that day as well. This may include using hands-free sex toys or electrosex toys during the Sofa Oral position, encouraging the giver to masturbate or transitioning into a different sexual activity after.

For those who really want to take this sex position to the next level, you might even add a sex machine (like the Cowgirl or VibePad 2) for the giver.



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