Hang Ten Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024
The Hang Ten position is a super-athletic anal sex position that'll allow both partners to flex their muscles and test their mettle. Hang Ten Sex Position. The penetrating partner stands up straight. The penetrating partner then scoops their arms underneath the receiving partner, and the receiving partner rests their ankles on the penetrating partner's shoulders. This sex position delivers a serious physical challenge - along with ultra-deep anal penetration. Play close to a bed here to ensure the safety of the suspended partner.

More About Hang Ten Position

The ultimate in sex positions ought to physically challenge, visually stimulate and rock one hell of a climax all in one hit, right? This one ticks all the boxes. Any takers? OK, so there’s a small catch, though - prerequisites include: good upper body strength, great balance, a decent amount of stamina and enough co-ordination to keep it all together. Think you have got it covered? Play at your own risk. We recommend doing this next to a soft surface (like a bed) and against a wall to give additional stability. This is not a position for the long haul (unless you’re regularly benching upwards of your playmate’s body weight) and in that case, consider this your midweek workout. And then some.

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