Elevated Oral Sex Position

Updated: APRIL 24, 2024

The Elevated Oral sex position makes marathon oral sex sessions easier to do with the help of sex furniture to reduce the "typical" neck strain of oral sex for the giving partner.

Elevated Oral sex position. The receiving partner's hips are in the air as they lay on their back, lifted there by the taller end of the triangularly-shaped Liberator Ramp. The giving partner is kneeling in front of the Ramp, head between the receiver's thighs. To get into this sex position, the receiving partner lies on their back on top of a Liberator Ramp with their butt resting on the tallest end of the Ramp. The giving partner kneels in front of the tallest end of the Ramp, then bends over to provide oral sex for the lounging partner. The receiving partner can rest their legs on the giving partner's back for comfort.

More About Elevated Oral Sex Position

The Elevated Oral's claim to fame is the elevated platform for the receiving partner's hips. This drastically reduces the tight, strained angle that can often occur in a giving partner's neck in many oral sex positions. By adding height to the receiver's hips, the giving partner can simply bend their entire upper body, allowing the neck and head to stay better in-line with the spine.

The Elevated Oral sex position accomplishes this with help of a Liberator Ramp. The Ramp offers a full foot of additional height on the tallest end. To best fit a couple's needs, the Liberator Ramp is available in a Standard and Wide size - in addition to a Combo set with the Liberator Wedge in a Standard and Wide size.

While the sex position is pictured with the Liberator Ramp, it's possible to recreate this sex position without the Ramp. You simply need an elevated surface for the receiving partner to stretch out on, like a bedroom bench.

However, the Liberator Ramp offers an angled, non-slip platform that will be hard to replicate with standard household furniture. Not only does this angled platform provide a better visual between the receiver's thighs, but it also allows gravity to gently pull any tummy squish away from between the thighs. This can allow for better oral sex access for the giving partner - especially if the receiving partner has a large belly apron.

As shown, the Elevated Oral position has a pillow for the receiving partner's head for added comfort. Some couples may choose to take advantage of the Liberator Wedge within the Liberator Wedge/Ramp combo to become a pillowed surface for the receiver. The two shapes have a non-slip surface together, and this allows the Wedge to stay in place, acting as a pillow that won't slide down in the throes of passion. A standard household pillow can also be used, though.

Since the elevated surface supports all of the receiver's weight, it leaves both partner's hands available to hold sex toys (as pictured) or provide further stimulation. The giving partner can pleasure the receiver's nipples or anus for additional stimulation. This can also be a great fit for sensation play with vampire gloves, feathers, or a ball gag.

The receiving partner can easily hold a vibrator, air suction toy, or penis stroker onto themselves when the giver's tongue or back needs a short break. Working together, they both can make the Elevated Oral sex position as "marathon" a session as they'd like.

This "hands available" functionality can make the Elevated Oral a great fit for rimming. Since the giver's tongue will be busy on the backdoor, the receiving partner can pleasure their penis, vagina or clitoris with other sex toys for powerful blended orgasms without adding any extra work on the giver's end.

Ways to Adjust the Elevated Oral Sex Position

One of the biggest benefits of Elevated Oral is the reduction (or elimination!) of neck strain for the giving partner. If you find you aren't getting that with the base sex position, there are other modifications you can make to help it happen.

First, you may want to try pulling the Liberator Ramp to the edge of a bed. Once there, the giving partner can kneel on the floor, next to the bed. This may place the Ramp at the perfect height to reduce any back bending entirely.

If that doesn't reduce the strain, you may want to try this sex position on an even taller surface like a kitchen counter or sturdy table. By allowing the giving partner to stand next to a tall countertop, they can hinge at the waist - instead of at the upper back - to reduce neck strain while giving oral sex. Just make sure you have a non-slip, sturdy surface for the receiver to lay on. No one needs to tumble off a table today!

You may also want to adjust the receiver's leg placement. The weight of the receiver's legs pressing into the giver's upper back can add extra strain to the muscles. To change that, you can place stacks of blankets on either side of the Ramp (to allow the receiver's legs to rest on an elevated surface) or do the Elevated Oral position with the giver's back against a wall. This will allow the receiver to place their legs flat on the wall behind the giver, removing their leg's weight from the giver's back.

Even with these adjustments, the Elevated Oral sex position may not be a comfortable sex position for everyone. Especially for tall giving partners, the upper body bend required to make this position happen can strain the lower back and neck. If the Elevated Oral sex position isn't working for you, don't worry! Sex is about intimacy and pleasure, and there are hundreds of other sex positions in our database that may better work for you.



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