Shoulder Stand Oral Sex Position

Updated: JANUARY 15, 2022

The Shoulder Stand sex position is a sexy, yet ambitious, oral sex position. In this position, the receiving partner props themselves up into a shoulder stand, using their partner's body as leverage. The giving partner can then lean in and provide delicious oral pleasure while getting a very sexy eyeful.

Shoulder Stand Oral Sex Position. Giving partner is kneeling next to an elevated surface while gripping the receiving partner's hips. The majority of the receiving partner's body is in the air while their shoulders touch the elevated surface.

Shown using the Equus Wave

More About Shoulder Stand Oral Sex Position

The shoulder stand sex position requires a firm but padded surface to ensure comfort and protect the back and neck. (Sex furniture, like the Liberator Equus Wave, is made for this, but semi-firm beds may work too!) This is not a sex position for long-term play (it's too hard for most!) but it's a very fun and sexy add-on.

The partner performing the shoulder stand should take care not to twist their neck in this position. People with neck problems should avoid this position. To protect the delicate tissues of the neck, you should consider keeping the receiving partner's shoulders on the surface to bear the brunt of the weight.

This position works best for cunnilingus, but it can also be used for rimming with a bit of creativity.



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