Overpass Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2022

The Overpass sex position belongs to a family of extreme sex positions known for the great physical strength and endurance they require to pull off.

Overpass sex position. The receiver is laying on their back but barely so - their hips are directly over their shoulders in a psuedo-yoga position. Their toes are touching the ground above their head. The penetrating partner squats on top.

To get into this position, the receiving partner starts off by doing a shoulder stand, placing their hips in the air in-line with their chest and their ankles above their head. The penetrating partner then stands upright over their partner and squats down to enter the vagina or anus. Intercourse is achieved as the penetrating partner thrusts in small, squatting motions.

The Overpass sex position is sometimes called the Torture Twister. It is a variation on the Pile Driver position.

More About Overpass Position

The biggest benefit of the Overpass sex position is simply the bragging rights. A sex position with some serious flexibility and strength requirements, it can be a fun challenge to attempt -- and can feel very satisfying to achieve!

On the physical side of things, the Overpass sex position can provide some amazingly deep penetration. With that penetration comes a tilt of the receiver's hips that means that most thrusts will stimulate the g-spot or the p-spot.

Those benefits do come with some risks and requirements for both partners attempting the Overpass position.

The receiving partner needs to be able to comfortably achieve a shoulder stand with correct form. This can require a lot of core strength and flexibility - and maintaining the shoulder stand throughout intercourse can require a lot of balance.

To help make the Overall sex position a bit easier, consider a few modifications. The receiving partner can do their shoulder stand near a wall or piece of heavy furniture to "anchor" their legs above their head - especially if their flexibility does not allow their ankles to touch down onto the floor. A Sex Sling with the straps fully shortened may also be a good fit to use on the back of the receiver's thighs to help anchor the legs downward. The penetrating partner may consider using resistance bands anchored overhead - or a sex swing - on both of the thighs to help support some of their bodyweight and make the squatting thrusts less exhausting on the muscles.

Be aware that there is some risk of injury - especially to the receiver - in the Overpass position. Elevating the hips over the chest leaves the spine in an exposed position. If the penetrating partner's muscles tire and they begin to rest their weight on top of the receiving partner, this can drastically increase the risk of a back injury. The neck is also at risk here. While doing a shoulder stand, the neck should be able to freely move with no weight pressed on the neck or head. If that isn't the case, ensure you're executing the move correctly.

There is some risk on the side of the penetrating partner as well. Strain on the ankles and knees can also cause residual soreness. Ensure you follow standard squat form by keeping the knees in-line or behind the ankles.

To help prevent injury, ensure the receiving partner is doing a shoulder stand with proper form. At the same time, the penetrating partner should ensure that as little weight as possible is rested on the hips of the receiving partner. The focus should be on achieving thrust while the penetrating partner supports all of their own body weight. Especially as the quads fatigue, this will get harder and harder to do. Make sure to transition out of the Overpass sex position earlier than you think you need to in order to best protect the receiver's back.

The angle required for penetration may also be painful for some penetrating partners with biological penises. To achieve intercourse in this position, the penis may need to point to the floor. Take penetration slowly and get out of the position if you're noticing any pain - especially near the base of the shaft. Remember: strap-on harnesses and dildos can always help make this sex position a reality. There's no rule that says biological penises are required here.

We suggest that both partners practice their half of the Overpass position separately before coming together to try it for intercourse. Most people don't do shoulder stands on a regular basis, so the receiving partner may need to learn an entirely new movement - and they'll need to learn it with proper form. The receiving partner should also pay attention to their thighs and feet and determine the shoulder stand angle required to make penetration possible.

For the penetrating partner, a focus on strengthening the thigh muscles for weeks ahead of time will help provide a safety barrier - and help the position be easier to hold. The penetrating partner should also experiment with comfortable bending angles of their erect penis or strap on. The supporting muscles and ligaments may not allow for the penetrating implement to point downwards without pain or high risk of injury; it's always best to find this out ahead of time.

When both partners come together to do the Overpass sex position, we'd suggest a warm-up ahead of time. Not just your usual foreplay either! The Overpass sex position is likely going to work multiple muscle groups into fatigue. Ensure the hips, thighs, core, shoulders, and neck are fully warmed up before attempting the Overpass position. Not only does this help protect your body, but it also reduces the likelihood of cramps. We promise, no one likes to deal with cramps during sex!

Let's get this out of the way: the Overpass sex position will not be for most couples. Not only the Overpass extremely strenuous with a much higher risk of injury than many other sex positions, but it also isn't comfortable for most. Even for the couples who can wrangle their bodies into the Overpass position, this position will simply be a short stop on their sexual journey - and most will find themselves transitioning into a more comfortable position if marathon sessions or easy orgasms are the end goal.

With that in mind, please do not attempt the Overpass position if it won't honor your bodies as they are today. Not only does it have a higher chance of injury, but it also can impact your enjoyment of sex. Remember: sex is all about enjoying the pleasure and intimacy with your partner. Any one, specific sex position is not required to make that happen! Instead, choose one of hundreds of other sex positions that may better honor the bodies you are in today.



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