Film and Flutter Sex Position

Updated: SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

The Film and Flutter is a couch-centric sex position that uses the power of hands-free vibrators to ensure neither of you end up watching the movie you set out to watch. The plush couch makes this sex position very comfortable - while the dual vibrators make this option an extremely orgasmic way to enjoy oral sex.

To get into this position, each partner sits on their favorite side of the couch - on top of a vibrator. The giving partner then leans over to provide oral sex to the receiving partner.

More About Film and Flutter Sex Position

The saddle-style vibrator is the real star of the Film and Flutter position. This hands-free vibrator style is designed to be sat on top of (like a horse saddle!) to vibrate in the best of spots without requiring a hand to keep it in place. Shown in the sex position illustration is the Wild Flower Enby 2, but other options, like the Rocks Off Ruby Glow or Orion VibePad 2, also exist.

While most of these saddle vibrators are designed for clitoral stimulation, they can also be used for perineum and testicle pleasure as well. Add in a vibrating cock ring or hands-free penis vibrator to add stimulation in other areas that sit-on vibrators can't easily access.

Don't be afraid to experiment with other saddle-style vibrators or positions either. A sex machine, like the Cowgirl, could be placed on the floor, in front of the receiving partner, for the giving partner to ride while providing oral sex. If sitting on top of a saddle-style vibrator is uncomfortable or isn't lining up with your body, don't be afraid to substitute out a panty vibrator; it'll provide the same hands-free pleasure this sex position is going for. Hands-free anal toys like butt plugs, anal vibrators, and anal beads are also great fits for this sex position.

The Film and Flutter position will be comfortable for most receivers; if the receiver requires any modifications to be comfortable on a couch, feel free to include them within the Film and Flutter. Wheelchair users, too, may find this position comfortable for receiving (and possibly giving) as there are minor movement requirements on the part of the receiver.

The bent-over position of the giver, on the other hand, may not be accessible to everyone. While bending over (while seated on the couch) lets the giver take advantage of the plushy, surface of the couch, kneeling in front of the receiver is also an option - and may be a better fit if the receiver has a vulva. Don't forget about sex furniture either; the receiver may find that an upper-body bolster to lean body weight on top of can make this position more sustainable. Don't forget about sex furniture either; the receiver may find that an upper-body bolster to lean body weight on top of can make this position more sustainable. This is perfect for plus size folks with bigger bellies.

Your needed modifications may also vary depending on the couch you're doing the Film and Flutter on. Couches can vary in rigidity, plushness, and size, so don't feel frustrated if you need to modify the position to best work with the furniture you're using.

Feel free to leave oral sex out of the equation and use the Film and Flutter for manual stimulation as well. The comfortable lounging and close proximity can make this a great cuddling position - that allows for the giver to finger or stroke the receiver with their hands. Your favorite sex toys can also get even more involved than they already are - or you can get a bit kinky and add restraints to the receiver to hold them "captive" as you provide pleasure! The Film and Flutter is all about creativity - and fitting it into the toys, erogenous zones, and bodies that you have.

Don't forget to take your couch's wellbeing into account when planning out the Film and Flutter position. With bare bits on the couch (being vibrated into orgasmic bliss!), the likelihood for bodily fluids to end up on the couch here is high - which should be taken into account if this is a shared piece of furniture. Using a protective layer like the Liberator Throw or towels can keep the couch clean - and in the case of the Throw, can make your familiar couch look a bit more erotic.

As a bonus, when you're done, you already have the couch right there for your after-sex nap!



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